Mattel Updates: Masters of the Universe Classics Moss-Man Ear Flocking and March Sale Items

Mattel posted two updates on its store news page.  First, with regards to what they are going to do with the Masters of the Universe Classics Moss-Man and his hairy ears:

  • Club Eternia subscribers will get unflocked ears Moss-Man.
  • Unflocked and flocked ears Moss-Men will both be available to buy on
  • The running change was instituted early in the production run, so the flocked ears version is more rare.

Mattel said it was overwhelming demand for the running change, but our own poll had 2 out of 3 voting for no change.  Completists, make sure you get online early on sales day.

The second update lists the items that will be on sale in March. In addition to Moss-Man, you’ll be able to buy a re-released Stratos (I may have to pick him up, because he’s the only one I’ve skipped), Scarecrow from The Dark Knight, and DC Universe Classics Wave 12.

Moss Man® Ears Unflocked

MOTU Fans,

You overwhelmingly asked for the ears of Moss Man® to be unflocked and we listened… we stopped production of the flocked ear version, made a change, and Moss Man™ will forevermore have unflocked ears. Now, all 2010 Club Eternia™ subscribers will automatically get the version with unflocked ears as their March figure!

But because we produced a small quantity of flocked ears before making what’s called a “running change,” we will sell both the flocked-ear and unflocked-ear versions as separate items on March 15th. That means there will be two separate product pages, one with flocked ears and , so you’ll need to be careful that you order the one you want. Again, there’s just a small quantity of the flocked-ear version available, and we’re expecting them to go quickly.

Other than the flocking, the figures are identical. Both versions will have an evergreen fresh scent and an alternative 2002-inspired head designed by the Four Horsemen. Your chance at both happens right here at at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 am Pacific!


3/15 Sale: Moss Man®, Stratos® & Scarecrow

Toy Fans,

Our March 15th sale features MOTU figures hailing from earth and sky, plus a pair of rotten rogues! At press time, here’s what’s on the roster:

  • Moss Man® — with his fresh evergreen scent, you can practically smell him coming!
  • Stratos® — everyone’s favorite winged simian lands with a new “The Original” burst on his package
  • Scarecrow – this frightening Scarecrow figure from Batman Beginswould have Dorothy screaming all the way back to Kansas!
  • DCU Classics Wave 12 Boxed Set – all seven figures you need to build a wicked Collect and Connect™ 9” Darkseid, individually carded and packed into a single box

Like always, the sale starts at at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 am Pacific, so be logged in and ready to click! If you’re not registered yet for an email reminder,  and you can follow me onTwitter where I post reminders, too.


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One thought on “Mattel Updates: Masters of the Universe Classics Moss-Man Ear Flocking and March Sale Items”

  1. How the [email protected]#$ can they make such a quick running change for something so F$&^ing insignificant for MOTU but they can’t pull their F$^*ing heads out their arse to get the f%*&%ing right colors on the modern Dr. Fate, produce the unproduced modern Red Tornado or consult the fans when they decide to eliminate articulation from great figures that actually need that articulation?!?!?!?!? (looking at you Black Canary and Kilowog!)

    See 10:50 on the video and you’ll know what I mean.

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