Borders Exclusive Marvel Select Iron Man Mark IV


There are lots of Iron Men to choose from with all the new movie sequel merchandise coming out. This time, Marvel Select gets their fingers in the cookie jar with the Borders exclusive Mark IV armor.


One of the unique features of this figure is the removable face mask. This is held in place by 2 small pegs, which leaves 2 small holes in the head just over the forehead and then on the sides of the face for the up and down position. The placement of the holes lends itself to movie accurate placement of the open mask, which is very cool.


The figure also comes with a nice background base, which is very large and sturdy.

However, for all the nice extras and features of this figure, there are a few very big downfalls. The paint is incredibly fragile, and the hip joints are very awkward and tight. Combine these two, and you end up with hip joints that have a nice silver trim from the red paint peeling off. This is particularly frustrating for a $20 figure, and for one that is so nice otherwise. I have had similar experiences with the previous Marvel Select Iron Man figure, so why they haven’t figured these issues out yet, I’m not sure.


This figure is available at Borders book stores for $20. Keep a lookout for War Machine and Mark VI coming soon as well!


7 thoughts on “Borders Exclusive Marvel Select Iron Man Mark IV”

  1. Looks pretty tight! Too bad to hear about the paint apps though. Were you able to score that at the Borders in San Mateo?

  2. Wow! That figure looks highly poseable, especially for a Marvel Select. I may have to go get one.

  3. There is a 30% off coupon that expires monday. I got the coupon in my e-mail, but you can google most Borders coupons. I used it saturday to pick up War Machine. I’m going back monday to get Iron Man.

  4. I’ve really been wanting this figure (or the Mark VI) but I have yet to find one that has the eyes painted on the face mask.

  5. Yup Clark…The eye openings not on the facemask is a bummer! I took a fine brush, Tamiya flat white and carefully painted the back flat of the openings. Then mixed the flat white with blue to copy the faint blue color. and did the rim. You have to be very steady and use magnifying glasses. When you’re done it REALLY makes the figure.

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