Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Buzzy Fret

There was so much cool stuff revealed at SDCC 2010 it almost makes me cry when I think of how broke I’m going to be this next coming year. Mattel, for one, is really gonna give my wallet a pounding. Even though so much cool new stuff was shown, it wasn’t hard for me to pick my “Top Three Best from SDCC”.

3) The Four Horsemen’s new Symbiotech line!

Symbiotech 4.jpgSymbiotech 3.jpgSymbiotech 1.jpg

These immediately grabbed my attention with the first pic Ron posted of the Tygos & Tygolith prototypes. I’m normally not a fan of 4″ action figure lines but a line designed by The 4H with cool anthropomorphic  4″ characters coupled with huge and equally cool looking anthropomorphic characters = WIN! Can’t wait to hear more updates about Symbiotech from the Horsemen.

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2) The DC Universe Classics Legion of Superheroes Boxset!

Legion of Super Heroes (5) (901x1200).jpgLegion of Super Heroes (901x1200).jpgLegion of Super Heroes (2) (900x1200).jpgLegion of Super Heroes (3) (900x1200).jpgLegion of Super Heroes (4) (904x1200).jpg

When I saw the first update from the Mattel DC Universe Panel about the 12 figure LoSH set, the information shot through my eyes and hit my brain so hard it blasted gray matter through the back of my skull. Really. Then, with the the last gory remains of my mind that clung to my skull I thought, “Please, let them be in their First Appearance costumes so I won’t be even remotely interested, cuz this is gonna break me!” Alas, Mattel knows their market too well and is making the members of LoSH in the costumes they wore in the Cockrum and then Grell drawn issues of SB & LoSH that I read in the 70s. Well all except Saturn Girl. Guess her skimpy, 70’s suit was too hot for Mattel. This boxset is a bold move for Mattel but obviously in the early stages of development, so I am very interested to see how it will all turn out in the end. Most likely with my money in Mattel’s pocket.

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1) Masters Of The Universe Classics Vikor!

MOTUC - Vikor (901x1200).jpgMOTUC - Vikor (1) (900x1200).jpgDSCN1840.JPG

The DCUC LoSH set blew out most of my brain but the MOTUC Vikor pics caused a chain reaction deep in me, that would take a much more intelligent person than I to explain, and my entire body exploded with the power of a million super novas. Vikor is the Conan figure I have been waiting for since the 7th Grade, when I first read Robert E. Howard’s The Frost Giant’s Daughter, and that’s a long time. Ron will read this and shake his head while muttering something about the greatness of Bow, which leads me to believe something at SDCC was elevating his estrogen levels, but I was never a MOTU fan and I definitely never watched She-Ra. I am a huge fan of Conan and REH’s other heroes though and I can see myself buying multiple Vikor figures for custom Conan making purposes. Crom, it’s going to be a long wait until February.

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