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Aaah, it’s good to see some Marvel Legends in toy shelves again! Well, ones that don’t get snapped up as soon as they get put out anyway, like the couple of Legends that I stumbled upon in my local Toys R Us. The return of Marvel Legends is finally underway with Wave 1 starting to show up at retail!

If you haven’t heard yet, Wave 1 or the Terrax Wave consists of Hope Summers, Steve Rogers, Extremis Iron Man, Constrictor, Dan Ketch Modern Ghost Rider, Klaw and Thor. Each figure, with the exception of Thor, come with a part to build Terrax!

Extremis Iron Man is first in line with the pic-taking, so onto some pics!

Here’s a look at the new Marvel Legends packaging:


I love the comic-booky feel of the package, it feels exciting and action packed, or maybe it’s just my excitement at seeing these on the shelves? It’s not just the Terrax series, it’s the Terrax with an exclamation point (!) series!! Each card has the character’s mug in the front and a character illustration in the back, with a very brief profile included.Β I’m not too crazy about the new Marvel Legends logo though, I wish it had a little more “oomph” to it.

But enough about the packaging – it’s what’s inside that matters!


Extremis Shellhead looks good I have to say! The Extremis armor has always been a favorite of mine, I just love the sleekness of it. I would even say I like it better than the current armor that Iron Man is sporting these days!

Hasbro did a great job capturing that sleekness, the sculpt has all those lines and curves that makes this armor so awesome.


Extremis Iron Man has all the articulation you’ve come to expect from a Marvel Legend with double-jointed knees and elbows, hinge/ball neck (he can look up!), hinge/swivel hands and feet, and ball torso, which has excellent range. He has hinge hips which moves forward/backward and outward on the sides. He also has swivel thighs hidden underneath the armor that’s very similar to the smaller 3.75″ Marvel Universe Extremis Iron Man.


The forward movement on his hips are restricted due to his pelvic sculpt, the pic above is the extent of his leg’s forward movement. This might turn some people off, and I definitely wish there was more bend there, but I can also see why they chose to do it. The sculptors opted for a better looking pelvis sculpt rather than altering it to accommodate a better forward range.



Here’s a couple of flying poses:


I’m glad that he can look up and that his torso has some great movement, it really makes for some better flying poses.


I have to mention that his hands are removeable, just like the 6-inch movie figures and the previous ML 2-pack Iron Man. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come with some extra hands and the hands from the movie figs and the two-pack don’t fit properly in this Iron Man’s wrist. Same goes with the head, I popped them off but none of the older spare heads like the Tony head from the 2-pack fit properly. Maybe the Iron Man Legends version will come with extra arms and head? I hope so!


Up close you’ll see some paint issues on his face, but really, I didn’t notice them until I saw some close-up pics of my figure. Other than that, his paint applications look great! He’s supposed to come out with a traditional red/yellow paint app in the Iron Man Legends line!

There’s also a variant of this figure which sports his “Stealth” paint app, which is supposed to be a running change with future restocks!

Let’s take a look at some size comparisons:


As you can see, this Iron Man is a little on the short side, especially when you put him beside this wave’s Thor (I only have the SDCC one for now) and Β he’s almost the same height as ML Face-Off Cap. You can argue that Thor is too big, but I do wish Extremis IM was about a half head taller than Face-Off Cap and a little bit more bulkier to reflect a man in a suit of armor.

His size might be a deal breaker for some, but for me, he just looks so cool that I can get past it.


Not pictured is an insert included called “Tales of Terrax”, which features a specific character, Dazzler in Extremis Iron Man’s case, and her connection with Terrax. Just a little something to read when you open your figure. It even indicates what comic to read for more details on the story, which in this case is Dazzler #11. Flip the insert around and you see assembly instructions for Terrax.

So what do you guys think? Is this a welcome addition to your 6-inchIron Man armory or does his size and restricted hip movement turn you off? Of course, if you’re trying to build a Terrax you need him, as he comes with his right leg.

For me, I’m glad I picked up this figure. His sculpt and paint apps look great, and even with the restricted hip forward movement, you can still get him in some cool poses, plus he looks great in a plain standing pose. He might be on the small side, but it’s not so much that he looks too way out of place with his fellow Legends. If you’ve been a collector for a while now, you’ve probably realized that scale is just something that seems to be hard to stay consistent with when it comes to mass market action figures. It doesn’t make it okay, but it is the reality of it.

I found Shellhead here together with Constrictor, Klaw and Ghost Rider and I just couldn’t help but pick them up, even though TRU is charging higher than regular retail ($17.99 vs. Target’s $14.99). There haven’t been any Target/Wal-mart sightings yet, but I’m hoping that changes soon!

Thanks for looking and let the Marvel Legends hunting begin!


10 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends 2012 Series 1 – Extremis Iron Man”

  1. I still consider my Toybiz ML collection the definitive line. I only collect the Hasbro figures I feel will fit into that far superior line. That being said the size is to small for a man in armor. He is the same size as Maria Hill! I fear the scale will be to small on a whole so I will only be collecting the bigger figures that Toybiz did not make like Thunderball. I hope the line is a success (I am a fan of BaF’s and will buy them at Frank&sons) but I fear like Hasbro’s 1st attempt at the line the novelty of it returning will die down and collector’s will again stop buying the figures that are not worthy of such a high price tag. I collect one figure per character and besides the Hasbro Mr. Fantastic and 2pk Hulk I have not seen another Hasbro figure that would take the place of a Toybiz ML figure. I did replace Toybiz ML Juggernaut with the Select version tho πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a lot like KObossy.
    The ToyBiz Marvel Legends are my faves, and I only get one of any character and generally I have not replaced any of those great figs with Habro versions. I thought the Habro Vision was far superior but too small to go with the rest of my toys. The Hasbro Daredevil was far superior but too small.

    That said, while the ML1 Iron Man is still my fave, I had to pick up the movie 2 Iron Man Mk IV because it’s such a great little toy. A little small but not so bad. Not as bad as that classic armor in the 2-pack. I have just a few Iron Man armors – he’s the exception to my one per character rule. I’m a big fan and there are some great toys that are unique. And I’m pleased as punch to add the new Extremis armor. Yes, much like the Mk IV it’s a little small, but not too bad. It goes ok with my earlier MLs. Not ideal but ok, and like the Mk IV and movie War Machine it’s just too nice to pass up. I had to cut away some of the crotch piece in front to get his legs to move forward better, and now I kinda love it. It’s a good effort from Hasbro and a welcome addition to my small number of Iron Man armors.

  3. These comments are what I like to hear: discerning voices, not rabbid fanboys. Hope ToysRUs learns a valuable lesson in price vs demand and doesn’t try this price hike stunt in the future (we can only hope).

  4. Yeah this Iron Man seems to be made for the Iron Man Legends line, which feels a bit smaller than their regular Marvel Legends line, just looking at the movie armors, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man. Still, the sculpt for me was too good to pass up, also I wanted to build Terrax!

    But I do get being more selective in buying this stuff to match your old ML. Especially with prices being what they are these days, it feels like so long ago when these toys were less than $10.

    Also, there are some people who might just be starting their ML collection, like younger kids or those who missed out on Toybiz’ run, so having these figures not match old ML might not be an issue for some.

  5. They are out here in CA. I was able to find this Extremis IM at the TrU in Foster City. He’s a great figure. The hunt is back on!

  6. Ron – Hahaha! If by clean out, you mean find that last one in the store, ya, I’m your guy πŸ™‚

    Since we make our runs in the same areas, if I spot anymore, I’ll be sure to grab you one!

  7. Found the variant set sans Hope Summers this weekend at Meijers…so I got the stealth version. I’ll go along for the ride with Hasbro for awhile. But if this scale issue becomes a wide spread issue, I’ll start being more of a “selector” instead of a “collector”.

    They are also $14.99 at Meijers.

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