Poll: Mattel has Announced the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull – Will You Buy It?

Mattel has announced Castle Grayskull for Masters of the Universe Classics! It will be offered as a “thermometer” pre-order on MattyCollector.com this fall, and if it hits the minimum threshold it will ship next fall. I groan every time I think of the awful thermometer graphics, but for a $200 item I can’t fault Mattel for this approach. They’ve said Castle Grayskull will be based on the Mark Taylor prototypes. If you’re not a He-Man historian, that just means it will be based on the designs that were used for the playset that came in the original Masters of the Universe line.

The big question is this – since this is a big ticket item at $200, will you buy it?

Photos: Grayskull Museum and Vaults of Grayskull

16 thoughts on “Poll: Mattel has Announced the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull – Will You Buy It?”

  1. I’d sooner see a Filmation inspired Castle Grayskull and have a MOTUC version of the vintage toy doesn’t interest me enough to pay $200 for it.

  2. I’d honestly buy it sight-unseen. Looking at the Wind Raider and Granamyr, I have no doubt that it will be amazing and worth the price. But they really need to release some detailed diagrams with dimensions and features if they want enough people to pay $200 for something that hasn’t been sculpted yet.

  3. I think it’s a bold idea, and I don’t think a “blind” pre-order is asking too much for something that’s going to require a lot of coin on their end up-front. A “blind” pre-order, where you don’t see the actual product, maybe instead some concept sketches, an outline of what’s hoped to be included, so on? I think is just fine, and I actually expect that Mattel will offer things along this line come Toy Fair. But if Mattel thinks they can go the subscription route- you know, “just trust us”, I don’t blame people for not wanting in on that.

  4. yess yess yesss!!!!

    i’m so in, and hopefully every other MOTUC will be too!! this is like going to be soo rad!!

    and just imagine, if it happens, then maybe, then maybe Snake Mountian will too!!
    (honestly the Snake Mountian will be more exciting in my world bases on the fact that ever since 2001 i’ve been yearning for one sooooooooo badly, the 200X Castle Grayskull has been doing the job real well until now, and because ive had it for all these eyars, the need for Snake mountian has overshadowed my want for a new Grayskull..but heck, either way, im shaking with excitement at the thought of a new super large Grayskull!!!

  5. I will buy it as well as I’m sure that many others will. But for those that don’t want to buy it please STFU about “Toy Guru blah blah blah……I don’t like blah blah blah…..What they should have done if they wanted me to but it blah blah blah” We get it, nothing makes you happy. For those of us that SUPPORT the line without having to nit pick every little thing, we will get it. I have only seen that one pic of it and I’m all aboard.
    Thank you to Scott and those involved for an awesome line. Foe Men, Sir Laser a Lot and all. Laser Lot is pretty awesome on my shelf.

  6. I wont buy because I think they can do better than just copy the old vintage and decide to charge 200 bucks. Come on they made the figures better but going to take the easy way out with Castle Grayskull now thats a shame. We deserve better if you think about it. If an unknown guy can make a Castle Grayskull out of foam which totally blows away the vintage why sould we settle for a remake. You guys are too excited for this lame attempt at a Castle Grayskull im grown now give me a grown version not the kid. I need mine to pop and that has no pop.

  7. I would have to agree with Notfooled. From what I’m seeing from the prototype, if that’s the direction they’re going in it looks terrible. I know this is the Classics line but damn, they could have added more detail and given it a remodel. I mean come on, this is Castle Grayskull we’re talking about here. From what I’ve seen it looks like a knockoff of the original. I’m sorry but if I’m going to spend $250, yes it is $250 and not $200. AFP has the wrong price. Go to Mattycollector.com and you’ll see for yourself that it’s $50 more. If I’m gonna spend $250 on something like this it better be worth the money. We’re talking about something that could potentially go up in value if it’s done right. Something you can pass on to your son. I get that it’s the Classics line, but it can still have an updated, detailed classic look just like the figures. I’ve bought the majority of the MOTUC figures. The ones I like anyway. They all have one thing in common: they look just like the classic characters but in a way they would look if Masters Of The Universe just came out in 2012 instead of in the mid 80’s. In other words they look like the figures should have looked in the eighties if the eighties had the technology to make them as detailed as they are now. This new Castle Grayskull looks little more than a carbon copy of the original one from the eighties. For all you MOTU fans that have the original Castle Grayskull playset when you were a kid, here’s some advice, “hold on to your old one and save yourself $250”! You’ll just be buying the same thing all over again with maybe a few more bells and whistles the original didn’t have. I know this is MOTU and we all love it but we’ve gotta be selective with something like this. This isn’t a $22 figure, this is $250 you’re gonna be slapping yourself for if this thing comes out looking crappy and low budget. Now I did see a really nice version of CG on He-Man.org but I don’t know if that’s the one they’ll be releasing. That version was beautiful but it might have just been a statue and not even functional. Still, I’ll take a well sculpted statue over a cheap 80’s knockoff any day. I don’t know. I need to see some pictures of what the actual release is gonna look like before I’m sold. I know I sound like a hater but for the sake of the fans I really do hope it turns out great and I hope everybody who paid their $250 will love it and not feel cheated out of it. I’m still a MOTU fan at heart so I want the best for everybody else who is. In the meantime I’m gonna do a little more homework on this thing before I plop down my $250. I suggest that you do the same and don’t go by how good everything else released in the Classics line looks.

  8. hey Not Impressed, thanks for your comment. when I posted this poll a few weeks ago during Power Con, the information we had from MattyCollector  was that the cost of the Castle would be around $200. it wasn’t until a couple of days before New York Comic Con that we started hearing it would be $250.
    in any case, we have a poll going up tomorrow now that the pre-order is open, so we can see if the new information on the offering has changed how people feel about Castle Grayskull.

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