Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Jubilee X-Men Wave (Stryfe, Cyclops, and Wolverine) at ToysRUs.com

I’ve been on the road this week, but our good pal Paul wrote in with the heads up that part of the Jubilee wave of Marvel Legends, which is exclusive to Toys R Us and Previews, is showing up online. You can pick up Stryfe, Cyclops, and Wolverine for $21.99 each – get all three and you trigger the free shipping deal for orders over $49.

We’ll keep our eyes open for Storm and Magneto. Happy shopping!

Are You Seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy this Weekend?

Marvel Legends Drax Rocket Raccoon Star-Lord

Although there were some “preview” showings last night, Guardians of the Galaxy officially opened today. I purposely tried to avoid as much info on the movie before seeing it, but even so, the marketing machine of Disney / Marvel was so effective that I was worried I was over-hyped for it. Well, that worry was all for naught – we saw a showing in 3D earlier today, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has all the fun of the first Iron Man movie, but with a much bigger heart.

Now, it’s the long wait, for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, which Marvel announced for July 2017… and also the action figures! Sure, Hasbro has Marvel Legends figures for the movie Guardians – you’ll have a tough time finding a full set in stores or even on Amazon, but you can get a full case of Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy at Entertainment Earth (all figures including doubles of Iron Man and Star-Lord) or pre-order a complete set of all six at BigBadToyStore. As for me, I’m getting the Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy figures – Sideshow has exclusive versions of Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Star-Lord up for pre-order, but those won’t arrive until March next year.

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SDCC 2014: Hasbro Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure Plans for Avengers and Spider-Man in 2015

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Legends Avengers 2015 (Saturday)

Here’s a quick update from the Hasbro booth, where the Marvel team has made another update to the figures in the Avengers display for 2015. The reason for the musical chairs with Thor, Sentry, Iron Fist, and Hawkeye is simply because they’ve had trouble fitting all the figures into the display. Current plan – all figures are part of Wave 1 for 2015.

In addition, they are planning on a variant Build-a-Figure, via running case pack changes like they did with Arnim Zola / Red Skull earlier in the relaunch of Legends. In this case, Odin’s head and arms will be changed for the head and arms of King Thor. Krakadoooom! Keep your fingers crossed that this actually makes it to retail shelves.

Hasbro also said that there are definitely more figures in the Spidey wave, but aren’t ready to reveal them. Hobgoblin, who I learned was from the Big Time arc, will be the BAF for this wave. As always, you can check out the pics in our SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends album. Excelsior!

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Spider-Man Figures for 2015

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2015

(Apologies – connectivity problems in our hotel hampered our updates tonight, and considering how much we’re paying it’s a complete travesty. But after getting it sorted out I wanted to get at least this update out before sleep.)

The Hasbro Marvel team put out four new figures in the spot designated for the Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave for 2015. I’m not sure if this constitutes the full wave, but we’ve got Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker from an alternate universe), a Hobgoblin that I’m not familiar with, a Spider-Man decked out with accessories, and an updated Spidey 2099. We’ve got more pics of the Spideys in our Marvel Legends album.

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SDCC 2014: Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Avengers (Odin Build-a-Figure) Wave for 2015

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Legends Avengers 2015

As promised, the Hasbro Marvel team unveiled the Avengers wave that will join Marvel Legends in 2015. This wave finds a home for the Sentry variant originally planned for Hyperion back in 2013, and the fairly recent Thor that was part of the Jubilee wave before it went exclusive.

They are joined by a much welcomed update to Scarlet Witch (with this figure, I think Hasbro is out to make a point that they can do better than Toy Biz), Machine Man, and the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel. I’m glad to see both a masked and unmasked version of Carol for this figure – and it’s nice to see her getting a lot of love in the recent reveals. To round it out, there’s the build-a-figure Odin – by His beard, finally!

You can see the Marvel Legends Avengers 2015 wave in our Hasbro Marvel Legends album. I’ve also included a bunch more shots of the Marvel Legends that were already up during Preview Night.

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Transformers Generations Combiner Wars 2015 Sneak Peek

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Transformers Generations Combiner Wars 2015 Sneak Peek

I can admit to not knowing a whole lot about Transformers – luckily Sandman was able to join me at a special Transformers event this morning, where the Hasbro team revealed a sneak peek at the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars line. Combiners will be one of the big pushes for Hasbro at mass market retail in 2015.

The design team told us that for the inspiration of this line, they started with their earlier release of Bruticus, and gathered a lot of feedback from the collector community. The result should be pleasing – I think the figures look like they’ve got a lot more substance and heft. Hopefully, Sandman can weigh in with some more pics from the booth and his thoughts on the future of Transformers. But for now, I hope this quick look can tide you over.

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Marvel Universe Infinite Series

SDCC 2014 Hasbro Marvel Universe Infinite Series

I’ll wrap up my posts tonight coming full circle back to Hasbro and their Marvel offerings – this time here’s a look at their Marvel Universe Infinite Series 4-inch offerings, including the massive diorama that got a very cool update this year (I’ll have to go back to get some more pics of it). The line had become a little too hard for me to follow even back when it was still just Marvel Universe – with the re-issues and often-delayed variants, with my casual interest it was hard to keep up. And it’s even more true now that I’m cherry-picking the line.

But I can say this – the line continues to deliver some obscure figures that please fans of the broader Marvel Universe, and the current crop of base bodies is holding up just fine. I hope the brand refresh to “Infinite Series” can come close to living up to its name. Look for an update after the Hasbro Marvel panel this Saturday.

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Black (Preview Night)

SDCC 2014 - Hasbro Star Wars Black Preview Night

Fans of Hasbro’s 6-inch lines may be underwhelmed by what was shown for their Star Wars Black Series 6-inchers at Preview Night. No new reveals, but I was happy to see the deluxe figures – both Jabba and the Speeder Bike look awesome – and next wave of single-packed figures on display.

Paint apps still seem to be the weak link in terms of production quality – and it stands out most on the human figures with their G.I. Joe-styled eyes, like on Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader looks good, but he does seem a little bloated with the cloth apps. The standout for me is Chewbacca.

Overall, with so little on display tonight, it does hint that the retail channel is a little backed up on this line. But stay tuned – Hasbro’s Star Wars panel is on Friday, so we can hope for a few more reveals then.

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Marvel Legends Preview Night

SDCC 2014 - Hasbro Marvel Legends Preview Night

For those of you wondering what’s in store for Marvel Legends for the rest of this year, it’s going to be limited to retailer exclusives until new waves for the Avengers and Spider-Man hit shelves in first quarter next year. On preview night, we got a glimpse at the previously announced X-Men Legends wave that is exclusive to Previews.

The only thing new I spotted in the case is a three-pack that will be exclusive to Target this fall, containing Captain America (a rehash of the Ultimate Cap with harness instead of vest), Ms. Marvel (in her Warbird costume on the Moonstone body), and Radioactive Man. The good news here is that some of those figures from the Jubilee wave that never made it to mass market retail are starting to make it to shelves.

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Marvel Legends Agent Venom Exclusive Available to Pre-Order at Walgreens.com

A month ago, Hasbro revealed that the Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure would be released as a Walgreen’s exclusive. Originally shown in the Hasbro SDCC display last year, they said Venom would finally be available to pre-order at SDCC this year – and while we weren’t sure exactly how, now we know. The Agent Venom is now up for pre-order on the Walgreen’s website.

Get your pre-order in now – no telling when this will sell out.

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