Target Aims at One Stop Shopping for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens Target exclusives

Target has released its picks for the top Star Wars products from The Force Awakens, and pitches that they can be your one stop for Star Wars. We all know that with all the retailer exclusives out there, if you want to complete your collection, you’ll be stopping everywhere. But Target will be the only one with Hasbro’s remote-controlled BB-8 droid.

Still, it’s nice to see some of the other items outside of our Black Series and LEGO updates – a Millenium Falcon drone looks like fun!

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Hasbro Reveals Official Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Details

Star Wars The Force Awakens Black Series

Since it’s officially Force Friday on the east coast, Hasbro has released the official details on its Star Wars offerings for this Fall. I’ve been doing my best to avoid as much hype as possible for The Force Awakens – I’m trying to recapture that feeling I had when I saw the original movies as a kid, knowing nothing about what I was about to see. I know, it’s pipe dream. In any case, by avoiding the news, I’ve managed to know next to nothing about the toys coming our way. So while this may be old news to everyone else, it’s new to me! ūüėÄ

Hasbro has a ton of product coming out – I am going to limit the this post to the Star Wars Black Series line. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the regular and retailer exclusive releases are for The Force Awakens. But there is one exception.

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Deadpool: The Motion Picture –

Bill’s latest action figure comic¬†is a special one in particular for me. He¬†asked me who my favorite comic book character is – and as you may know, Deadpool is way up there. I went on to tell Bill what I thought would be a great¬†idea for a comic. He came back with Deadpool – The Motion Picture, and generously gave me a “plot by” credit.

This comic book is better than 99% of the comics ever made. And just in case you don’t think so, a year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.¬†:-)

Be sure to check out the rest of Bill’s work here at AFP and at Bill’s Comics.

Deadpool - The Motion Picture - page 01

Deadpool – The Motion Picture

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Weekend Toy Run: Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave Available via

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Wave at Amazon

Amazon has had the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave listed for some time, but they were from more expensive third-party sellers. Our good friend Paul gave us the heads up that Amazon has jumped into the game, so you can now pre-order the wave (with War Machine, Blizzard, Vision, Valkyrie, Dr. Strange, Thundra, and the Marvel Now! Iron Man) directly from them for the standard retail price of $21.99 each. It’s not a long wait since Amazon says they’ll ship¬†within the next 2 weeks.

You can find most of them by searching for Marvel Legends Hulkbuster on Amazon. For some reason, the Marvel Legends Vision is also available but doesn’t show up on that search. And the Marvel Legends War Machine is still only third-party seller listings¬†(and more expensive).¬†Since he’s two per case, I am sure you can hold off for now – Amazon will have a bunch that you can pick up later, if needed.

The Results of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Fans Choice Poll Are In…

Age of Ultron #10 (Quesada variant) - Angela

Long-suffering Darkhawk fans, all hope is not lost Рcoming in a close second shows Hasbro how much you want him. But it was the newest of the final four characters in the third Hasbro Marvel Legends Fan Choice Poll, Angela, who won a guaranteed spot in the Marvel Legends line. The first poll from back in 2007 resulted in the oft-maligned (I think unfairly) Age of Apocalypse Sunfire. And the second poll in 2009 brought us Deadpool, Black Widow, and Valkyrie in the Marvel Legends 2-packs.

No word on when Angela will make it into the line, but I’m guessing it will be 4th quarter 2016 at the earliest.

The votes are in and the fans have spoken! After a close poll, one hero stands above the rest as the new Hasbro Marvel Legends figure. That hero is Angela, the awesome Asgardian warrior! Angela took home 28% of the votes, just edging out Darkhawk, who walked away with 26%. Mysterio and Symbiote Spider-Man followed closely behind with 24% and 20% respectively. Thanks to all the fans for voting and be sure to look out for the new Angela Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro!

Source: Angela Wins the Hasbro Marvel Legends Poll

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