Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Black Panther Wave at MCM London Comic Con

We’ve known about three of the figures from the wave – Black Bolt, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the Invincible Iron Man – for a while now, and have just been waiting for Hasbro to reveal what we all presumed would be based on designs from the Black Panther movie. Hasbro did not disappoint!

At London’s MCM Comic Con, they revealed the final three figures and the build-a-figure. Naturally, movie Black Panther is the head-liner for the wave. He’s joined by Erik Killmonger and Nakia for the final three individually-carded figures. The build-a-figure is Okoye, Nakia’s compatriot in the Dora Milaje, Black Panther’s elite bodyguards.

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NYCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Report (Updated)

This morning, the Hasbro Marvel team held a roundtable meeting for online media for New York Comic Con, and we were lucky enough to be there. I’ll be putting together the 360 degree video tonight and should have it posted tomorrow. [Update: video posted below.]

In the meantime, here’s a summary of the Hasbro reveals from both HASCon a couple of weeks ago and NYCC today. For completeness, I’ll include the prior reveals from San Diego Comic-Con. So far we’ve got a pretty deep look into 2018.

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SDCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Report

Finally, here’s our Marvel Legends Report for SDCC 2017 – all the reveals, videos, booth pics, official PR pics, and teases – all in one spot. And while Hasbro showed off a massive amount of new figures and more for the remainder of this year and the start of next, there’s still a lot more to go. Of the new waves, they revealed only one completely.

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Spider-Man: Beetle-Mania! – Bill’s Comics

Spider-Man – Beetle-Mania!

Before you go see Spider-Man and Iron Man team up to fight the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming next weekend, check out this action-packed tale in which they join forces against the diabolical Beetle! It’s arachnid vs. insect, webs vs. armor – and poor Mary Jane is caught in the middle.

And just wait until you see the shocking last page!! Don’t dare miss “Beetle-Mania!” true believer!!

Be sure to check out the rest of Bill’s work here at AFP and at Bill’s Comics. And thanks to Extreme-Sets for providing review samples of the Building and Abandoned House┬ádiorama sets.

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Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Marvel Press Pics

Hasbro held their Collector Preview yesterday (read our Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Report to get caught up) and this morning they shared their press pics for a bunch of their Marvel Legends products. They’ve included a lot of the retailer exclusives that were not available on the showroom floor.

Pictured above – the Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends 6-inch A-Force 6-pack, featuring She-Hulk,┬áLady Loki, Lady Sif, Monica Rambeau, Singularity, and Elsa Bloodstone.

Now get ready for some sensory overload – over 70 more official Hasbro Marvel Legends pics ahead!

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