SDCC 2015: Sideshow Collectibles Previews the Punisher 1/6 Scale Figure

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the next character to join a line I’m really looking forward to – their 1/6 scale comics-based Marvel line. The Punisher is the third character revealed. We saw Deadpool and Wolverine at SDCC last year, and the Punisher will join them at the show this year.

It’s been a slow burn while the line ramps up. You can pre-order the Marvel Deadpool Sixth Scale Figure now, but Wolverine is still in preview mode. I’m hoping there’s even more in store in San Diego.

SDCC 2015 Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Punisher Sixth Scale Preview

The Punisher Sixth Scale Figure

After his family was killed by the mob, Frank Castle became known as The Punisher!  As a vigilante, he takes justice into his own by any violent means necessary.  Sideshow’s The Punisher Figure is part of the brand new Marvel Sixth Scale Figure line and is coming soon for fans of this unconventional Marvel hero!  Be sure to sign up above for updates on this figure, hose attending Comic-Con in San Diego July 8 – 12, 2015 can see this figure in person!

Source: The Punisher Sixth Scale Figure

SDCC 2015: Our Comic-Con Schedule, and How You Can Join Us (Virtually!)

SDCC 2015 Our Comic-Con Schedule, and How You Can Join Us (Virtually!)

I’ll be the first to admit, we’re pretty awful when it comes to planning for San Diego Comic-Con. There’s so much to do and see, and frankly, it’s overwhelming.

But this time around, we’ll have some tools and technology that can help get you to the big show, at least virtually, if you can’t make it to there yourselves. So it makes sense to apprise our favorite folks, those of you who actually read the stuff here at AFP, of what we’re planning and how we’re going to share it with you. And to ask for your advice – there’s one scheduling conflict that I’ll need your help to decide on which to attend.

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Target Creates Listing for Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron, Hulk, and Vision 3-Pack

But the placeholder lists it as out of stock

Marvel Avengers Target Exclusive Legends 3-Pack Hulk Ultron and Marvel's Vision

Last year, Target had the Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel (Warbird), Captain America, and Radioactive 3-pack exclusive. At Toy Fair, Hasbro announced Target would be following it up with Ultron, Hulk, and the Vision. I’ve been wondering when it was going to show up, and our good pal Paul spotted it and let us know. Here it is:

The listing looks like it’s a placeholder for eventual release; it’s currently listed as out of stock. And it looks to be built off of last year’s exclusive 3-pack. While the title and main image reflect this year’s exclusive, the additional pictures and product description feature Ms. Marvel, Cap, and Chen Lu. It’s also listed at $30, from when Target put the last one on clearance.

Now that we know it exists, we’ll be watching the listing closely. Now might be a good reminder to follow our social media channels, as those are the first places we’ll be notifying when the 3-pack is finally in stock. Happy shopping!

Hasbro Launches “Pulse” – Subscribe for an Insider’s Look at its Collector Brands

Hasbro Pulse launch

Hasbro has been working on launching a portal for its collector-oriented brands. While it made a brief appearance on the Hasbro website around the start of the year, now Hasbro Pulse has been officially launched.

Want an insider’s look at exclusive content and the latest news on brands like Transformers, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Star Wars, straight from the heart of Hasbro? Then welcome to the Hasbro Pulse!

Fans will be able to sign up for Hasbro Pulse to receive brand news as it happens, plus access to special offers and more. That means that Hasbro Pulse members will be some of the first to receive new product images, epic unboxing videos, fan polls that will shape the future of their favorite lines… and even more stuff we haven’t dreamed up yet! And all of it is coming straight from the super-fans working at Hasbro, created especially for their fellow fans.

The first four items include a sneak peek at G.I. JOE 2-packs, a Transformers designer look at planning for Brake-Neck and Quickslinger, a behind-the-scenes look at Stephen Hayford’s Star Wars Black Series photography for Celebration VII, and an extremely cool video about the making of the pop-up book My Little Pony: Castles of Equestria.

Right now, Pulse does not have articles for Hasbro’s Marvel brands – but the form for joining includes Marvel as a choice for what you want covered. So be sure to sign up for Hasbro Pulse and show support for Marvel! Hopefully we’ll see new content from San Diego Comic-Con.

SDCC 2015: Mondo Sneak Peek at 1/6 Scale TMNT Leonardo and More

Posters, vinyl, and collectible figures will be available for Ant-Man, Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

SDCC 2015 Mondo TMNT, Ant-Man, and Hellboy

I’ll be making my first visit to Mondo at booth #835 this year. They first caught my attention with a PVC figure of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but at SDCC they’ll be introducing a 1/6 scale comics-based version of the turtles, starting with Leonardo. They’ve said they’ll have all four turtles on hand.

In addition, Mondo has a bunch of other artist-driven collectibles to show off, including a statue of the first Hellboy (from the Mignola sketch from 1991), a poster for Ant-Man, and two records for those of you who still spin vinyl – from Aliens and Superman: The Animated Series.

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