Happy 75th Anniversary, Batman!

This weekend marked the 75th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance, in Detective Comics #27, way back in 1939. While there’s lots of interesting news stories about this auspicious event, one of the more fun ones I looked through was Comic Book Resources’ 75 Greatest Batman Covers, as voted on by their readers. The Neal Adams gatefold featured above came in at #43 on the list.

We also happen to have a few Batman comic book covers (and comics) courtesy of Bill’s Comics – these ones feature action figures of the Caped Crusader, and I think they match up pretty well with the drawn version with an artistry of their own. Bill’s cover above is from the start of a three parter, Batman: Curse of the Demon. If you like this one, be sure to check out all of Bill’s Batman comics, all of his comics featured here, and even more at Bill’s own site. Cheers!

Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia – Map of the Horde Empire Viewer

Each year when the Club Eternia exclusives ship, I publish one of the more popular posts on AFP – the map viewer for the Club Eternia exclusive map. This year, Mattel shipped the Map of Horde Empire with the very mysterious Unnamed One. I still don’t know what the Unnamed One looks like, because I’m away from home.

  • Position your mouse over areas of the map to magnify it.
  • To zoom in or out, scroll up or down with your mousewheel.

If I’m away, how did I get this map done? Big thanks again to my wife, who made this possible again this year. Enjoy exploring the Horde Empire, and be sure to visit our previous installments:

Sorry, Castle Grayskullman – Ra-Jar is the Best Fan-Created MOTUC

Masters of the Universe Classics Ra-Jar 3

We’re going back a ways, but Ra-Jar was one of the runners-up in the Masters of the Universe Classics Create-a-Character contest that spawned Castle Grayskullman back in 2012. A few days ago, Matthias Grundner posted a Ra-Jar album on Facebook featuring a pretty awesome custom of the character, including a write-up of the features and bio of the would-be toy.

I’ve got no idea of Matthias’ relationship with Ra-Jar’s creator, Josh Howard, but he also included the Mattel-commissioned artwork for the contest by Jonboy Meyers and Chuck Pires. Anybody know the origins of the character sheet? Was it produced by Mattel for the creator, or vice-versa? Or did another fan of the character make this tribute? Please share the background if you know – all I know is that if Ra-Jar had won instead of Castle Grayskullman, I would have happily bought him.

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Batman: Gotham Gotham Burning Bright! – BillsComics.com

Bill’s latest comic features Batman against Firefly and Anarky, as they light up Gotham City! Be sure to check out more of his comics at Bill’s Comics.

Batman - Gotham Gotham Burning Bright page 01

Batman: Gotham Gotham Burning Bright

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DC Universe Classics Passes the Torch at Mattycollector March Sale

Mattycollector March Sale

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Mattycollector’s March sale (underway now) includes figures from Mattel’s outgoing DC Universe Classics and incoming DC Universe Total Heroes lines. Hook-handed Aquaman is the first of the last four DCUC figures, and John Stewart (with alternate Green Lantern heads) is the first deluxe Total Heroes figure to be sold on Matty. All six Watchmen figures are also up, for those of you who didn’t sub to Club Black Freighter or are just looking to cherry-pick.

On the Masters of the Universe Classics front, it’s the relatively unexciting Hydron, following blockbuster releases of Two Bad and Modulok – but he’s joined by New Adventures He-Man and Fang Man from last year, if they didn’t sell out during Early Access. Even if you’re not a New Adventures fan, you might want to pick up a Galactic Protector He-Man for the easy hand swap He-Man custom.

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Weekend Toy Run: Saint Patrick’s Day Sale at TFAW – Up to 50% Off Toys and More

Things From Another World is having its Saint Patrick’s Day sale, and they’ve got 240 items up to half off in their Toy section. They’ve got stuff from Funko, NECA, Hasbro, Mattel, Diamond Select Toys, and more. I’ve got my eye on this Hanna Barbera Space Ghost – at $10.49 it’s a steal for a six-incher. I’ll need to take a closer look to see what else there is to take home. Happy shopping!

TFAW St Patricks Sale

Don’t get angry: everyone can have the luck of the Irish at TFAW! Now through March 23, you’ll save 20-50% on 1,000s of graphic novels, comics, toys, statues, and more!

However, you’ll have to move fast: our inventory of these items is extremely limited. Once you find the “gold” your collection needs, you’ll need to snap it up before someone else tries their luck!

via Save 20-50% on 1,000s of Graphic Novels, Toys & More – TFAW.com.

Last Chance to Subscribe to Mattycollector Club Etheria Today

The pre-order window for the Club Etheria mini-subscription closes today. Like last year’s Club Filmation, Club Etheria will include six figures and a club exclusive (the translucent Light Hope) to be shipped in the second half of this year. Take note that last year, not all the individual figures had availability for day-of sales – so the safe bet is to subscribe.

Although she is not part of the Club Etheria subscription, She-Ra is available separately as a Collection Essentials figure.


LightHope_EtheriaSubClub Etheria™ Subscription Closes 3/10

Here’s your friendly reminder that the order period for the limited-subscription Club Etheria™ ends on 3/10 at 11:59PM PT! Don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of She-Ra® with six new figures from the vintage line and the Filmation series.

The collection-essential series includes Double Mischief™ July, Madam Razz™ & Broom August, and Entrapta™ September, plus three more to be announced. And remember, only members of Club Etheria™ will receive the club-exclusive figure Light Hope™, as well as Early Access and your choice of monthly or quarterly shipping options. Don’t wait any longer. Get your subscription today… for the honor of Grayskull™!

via Matty | News.

Border Patrol: Wrestling Edition – C.M. Punk, Goldberg, and Samoa Joe

Being an old-time wrestling fan, I’ll admit that Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE got me to check up on the latest news. There’s a lot of buzz on C.M. Punk since he quit the WWE a few weeks back, and his no-show at RAW last night in his hometown Chicago furthered the belief that it’s a shoot, not a work – sometimes wrestling is real! This edition of Border Patrol is for wrestlers you haven’t and probably never will see in Mattel’s line of WWE figures.

  • Mattel WWE CM Punk (Wrestlemania 26) by jps9779 - Mattel’s made a lot of C.M. Punk variants, but one you will probably never see is his Wrestlemania 26 gear, with its G.I. JOE styled appearance – not a fan of this look? there’s another C.M. Punk custom from his ECW title match vs. John Morrison - ends Mar 05, 2014 15:29:06 PST
  • Mattel WWE Bill Goldberg by ifigureidletyano – somehow, Mattel has not yet made a flashback figure of Goldberg, making him a popular figure for customizers – there’s also another Goldberg custom on sale this week – ends Mar 06, 2014 18:43:41 PST
  • Mattel TNA Samoa Joe by knlimper – one wrestler you will likely never see in the Mattel collection is Samoa Joe, who has wrestled outside of all of the wrestling circuits that Vince McMahon has absorbed into the WWE – Marvel Toys / Toy Biz made a Samoa Joe figure during their short-lived TNA license, but if you want one in the Mattel Elite style, this will be one of your few chances – ends Mar 05, 2014 19:00:21 PST

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE – Mattel WWE Classics Action Figure Imminent?

Hulk Hogan Returns to Monday Night Raw

It’s been over six years since he left the WWE, but Hulk Hogan is back home once again. Hulk opened up last night’s Monday Night Raw and announced he would be host of Wrestlemania XXX. (That seems so appropriate, given Hulk’s sex tape scandal.) During his absence from the WWE, the toy license switched hands from JAKKS Pacific to Mattel – and as such, no Hulk Hogan action figures have been made by Mattel thus far.

This much is certain – the Hulk-sized void in your Mattel WWE action figure collection will be filled. The only question is – when? Is San Diego Comic-Con too soon?

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Toy Fair 2014: More Pics of the Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast

Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast 1 Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast 2 Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast 3 Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast 4

Mattel shared some additional pics of the Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast on the Mattycollector Facebook page. Rio Blast was revealed at Toy Fair as the September Club Eternia figure at their collector preview event. It’s almost a shame to cover up that head sculpt with all that gear, which is absolutely ridiculous in a fun, over-the-top MOTU way – Rio Blast has one of the more striking head sculpts for a Masters figure in recent memory, hearkening back to Fisto.

I hope that the design team will revert to the older style chest overlays, which don’t bloat the figures as they did with Sea Hawk. The chest piece looks great here on the prototype, but we’ll have to see how it looks in production.

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