CC40: Marvel Legends “Essential Evil” Box Set by Rabid_Ewok


Coming this winter to CustomCon 40 is a set of three new Marvel Legends figures every collector is sure to want. The “Essential Evil” set features three of Marvel’s most notable villains who have never before been offered in the Marvel Legends line: Graviton, Count Nefaria, and Diablo!

These three villains are a must have for any Marvel Legends collection.

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Batman: Halloween Horror Knights –

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and Bill is back with his latest action figure comic, “Halloween Horror Knights!” It pits the Golden Age Batman against some of our favorite classic movie monsters.

Be sure to check out the rest of Bill’s work here at AFP and at Bill’s Comics. And Happy Halloween (in advance!)

Batman - Halloween Horror Knights - page 01

Batman – Halloween Horror Knights

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Mattel and the Four Horsemen Show ThunderCats Lion-O Update

Mattel Thundercats Lion-O 0815 revision

Mattel has shared pictures of an updated head sculpt and deco for Lion-O from their upcoming ThunderCats line. When I spoke to the Four Horsemen at San Diego Comic-Con, Eric Treadaway told me he had already been through several iterations of Lion-O, and expected to do several more before the final sculpt goes into production.

I already liked what I saw at SDCC, but this is an improvement – the nose and jawline look to be a little less wide, and combined with a more subtle paint job for the eyebrows and eyes, it comes a lot closer to how I remember Lion-O from the animated show. The colors also look to be toned down a little, but that can be a little deceptive depending on the lighting conditions for the pictures.

What do you think of the updated look?

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Border Patrol: Conan the Barbarian, Savage Land Rogue, and Skeletor’s Bone Throne and Scrying Table

Border Patrol - Conan the Barbarian, Savage Land Rogue, and Skeletor's Bone Throne and Scrying Table

We dip into the fantasy genre with this edition of Border Patrol!

  • Conan the Barbarian by Insidious Customs: Some sculpted hair and weapons details plus a smooth paint job converts a Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man into Conan. With a week still left to go, the auction has already topped $300. Ends Wednesday, August 5, at 12:43PM PT.
  • Marvel Legends Rogue (Savage Lands) by Ole Jade Jaw: Nothing like a torn-up costume to turn skin-fearing Rogue into a Savage Land jungle babe. Rogue started off her comic book career as an ugly mutant, but Jim Lee turned that around right quick. Ends Sunday, August 2, at 8:39PM PT.
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Bone Throne and Scrying Table: This previously-owned custom was the ultimate playset for Skeletor, until Mattel revealed their Snake Mountain, of course. Mattel also showed off a Bone Throne, but at this point it’s not certain if it will be made as part of Snake Mountain or as a separate accessory. In any case, this might be you best shot at Skeletor’s scrying table. Ends Saturday, August 1, at 1:30PM PT.

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

CustomCon 39 is coming! Entry deadline is August 1.

Hulk Hogan is Gone from the WWE, but His Toys Live On

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figures still in stores

Almost exactly a year and a half after Hulk Hogan’s much lauded return to the WWE, he’s gone – this time it’s probably for good. The WWE uncermoniously fired Hogan on Friday, in advance of a National Enquirer article detailing racist comments made by Hogan to Heather Clem. (Clem was the woman, married to Hogan’s friend, featured in the sex tape scandal Hogan suffered a few years back – apparently the WWE can get past sex scandals but draws the line at racism.)

The WWE has also been busy eliminating as many traces of him from their programming and website as possible. For example, Hogan is no longer shown as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, in which he was inducted in 2005. They’ve also removed all traces of Hogan merchandise from the WWE Shop.

What’s unclear is how long licensed product, like Mattel’s WWE figures, will stay out there. As of now, you can still find plenty of Hulk Hogan figures on Amazon, a couple on, and one at Target. I’m sure the WWE will nix any planned Hogan figures and Mattel would also likely want to distance themselves from the scandal. But they also bet heavily on his return, producing several Hogan figures in the short time that he was back. Lots of that product is already on shelves and in warehouses.

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