Mattycollector June Early Access Starts, SDCC Voucher Sale Ends 6/11

All Access starts on 6/15

Matycollector June sale - Multi-Bot, Sssqueeze, Man-at-Arms

Thursday morning we’ll see the start of Mattycollector’s June sale with Early Access, and then Thursday night they’ll close up their SDCC voucher sale.

The June sale is all Masters of the Universe Classics. The two primary Club Eternia releases are Sssqueeze (the monthly for June) and Multi-Bot (a quarterly deluxe figure). Both won’t be available during Early Access, because I suppose Mattel continues to think it doesn’t make sense to give your best customers (the subscribers) the chance to buy more figures. They do have Snake Face (April 2013) and Tung Lashor (November 2014) up again. And, because these are probably selling poorly, the Giant Man-At-Arms will be available in Early Access too. Early Access for June starts at 8AM PT on 6/11. All Access is at 9AM PT on 6/15.

The mystery items that were not available at the start of the SDCC voucher sale were revealed to be Halo exclusives from Mega Blocks (a micro figure pack) and BOOMco (foam dart guns that we can’t say are from Nerf). Three items have sold out so far – two of the three Ever After / Monster High dolls, and the Hot Wheels Marvel Secret War 3-pack. Everything else is still up for grabs. Happy shopping!

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SDCC 2015: Mattycollector Exclusives Pre-Order Early Access Starts Today

Mattycollector SDCC 2015 voucher pre-order

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con and are interested in the Mattycollector exclusives, Early Access for Mattel’s SDCC exclusives will open to Club Eternia subscribers at 8AM PST this morning. You’ll be able to pre-order exclusives from Masters of the Universe Classics, Ghostbusters, Monster / Ever After High, and more. You’ll get a voucher which you take to the show and exchange for your exclusives at the Torrey Pines room at the Marriot San Diego Hotel and Marina, which is next door to the Convention Center.

While I’m not a fan of having to leave the floor to pick up more stuff to lug back, it’s generally preferable to taking your chances at the Matty booth on the floor – the lines can get long, and the more popular items do sell out. In the past, that’s been the Monster High stuff, but you can never really be sure what will be hot. I’m thinking the Hover Robots.

I’m happy to be heading back to SDCC this year, but Mattel’s exclusives offer some melancholy – this will be the first year since I’ve been going that Mattel hasn’t had a 6-inch scaled DC exclusive in collaboration with the Four Horsemen. I’m still holding onto the torch that Mattel will find a way to bring back DC Universe Classics. I know, I know.

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SDCC 2015: Mattel Announces More Exclusives and New Pre-Order Voucher Dates

Adds Ever After High, Monster High, and DC / Thomas & Friends mashup exclusives

Mattel SDCC 2015 exclusives - Ever After High Raven Queen, Monster High villain 2-pack, Thomas and Friends Super Friends Minis

Mattel has announced three more Mattycollector exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. While they’re not particularly appealing to me, the Monster High dolls have proven to be highly sought after, so the villain 2-pack and the Raven Queen from Ever After High should sell out quickly. The DC and Thomas and Friends mashup minis brings together two Mattel licenses that may appeal to a younger Con-goer. With the exception of the Con-exclusive Batman / Diesel, it looks like the rest are also headed to retail stores in the future.

With the latest announcements, Mattel also announced a date change for pre-order vouchers:

Voucher Sale Date Change

For those of you attending SDCC, you can purchase vouchers here at then pick up your products at SDCC. Please note the new voucher sale dates, as follows:

  • Early Access: Monday, 6/1/15 from 8 a.m. PT to Tuesday, 6/2/15 at 8 a.m. PT (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
  • All Access: Tuesday, 6/2/15 at 9 a.m. PT to Thursday, 6/11 at 11:59 p.m. PT (open to everyone)
  • Pick-Up ONLY at SDCC: Thursday, 7/9/15 thru Saturday, 7/11/15 (pick-up times/location to be announced)

Source: Matty | News

Two-Bad Makes Mattycollector May Early Access a Can’t-Miss

Masters of the Universe Classics Rio Blast and DC Universe Classics Aquaman and Robin also available

Mattycollector May Sale

Blast Attak, this month’s Club Eternia figure, may be considered a dud by many Masters of the Universe Classics fans, but Early Access this month is sure to be a madhouse – that’s because Mattycollector is making Two-Bad available. As some of you may recall, during the subscription drive for the 2014 Club Eternia, Mattel announced that Two-Bad would have no day of sales inventory, leading to much angst from the fan base and presumably to more subscriptions.

What remains to be sold during is likely the customer service stock for the figure – so be prepared for a massive rush followed by a quick sell-out. Adding to the mayhem are two of the final DC Universe Classics figures – Aquaman with his hook hand and the Damian Wayne Robin, both with their own draw. Rio Blast rounds out Early Access.

Early Access has Two-Bad, Rio Blast, Aquaman and Robin, and opens tomorrow at 8AM PST. All Access adds Blast Attak, and will open up at 9AM on Friday.

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SDCC 2015: Mattel Reveals First Con Exclusives for Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe Classics

Pre-orders for Courtroom Battle Egon, Rotar vs Twistoid, and Hover Robots start 5/28

Mattel SDCC 2015 Exclusives - Ghostbusters Egon, Masters of the Univers Classics Rotar vs Twistoid and Hover Robots

The gang at Mattycollector has started their reveals for San Diego Comic-Con. I am a little surprised that first out of the gate is the Courtroom Battle Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters – it’s been a few years since the courtroom versions of Venkman (2011) and Stantz (2012) were released with the Scoleri brothers, so it might be a tough sell except for the Ghostbuster fans who must complete that trio. I think the suit coloring is a little light, but might make for some better contrast with the other two.

From Masters of the Universe Classics comes the Rotar vs Twistoid 2-pack, which harkens back to Rokkon and Stonedar from two years ago – let’s see if there’s some price creep from the $60 those cost. And we’ll also see the return of the Hover Robots 3-pack, which is the traveling convention exclusive. Somehow I suspect that will be the toughest of the three exclusives to get.

Mattel will use the same system as last year, with pick-up at the show nearby the Convention Center. The pre-order vouchers will go up for sale May 28 for Early Access, and June 1 for All Access.

Stay tuned for more reveals. What do you think they’ll have for DC Comics exclusives this year?

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