Hot Toys Announces the Winter Soldier from Captain America

Hot Toys Winter Soldier from Captain America - TWS 01

I’m worried that because the Winter Soldier was such a fantastic story line in Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comics that my expectations for Captain America: The Winter Soldier are unduly high. With a week to go before the movie opens, Hot Toys has revealed their figure of the former Bucky (can anyone consider that a spoiler?)

No disappointment with the figure – aside from that I haven’t seen a pre-order for him yet. But the “Golden Age” Captain America that Hot Toys revealed earlier is now up for pre-order at Sideshow Toys for $209.99. I’m sure the Winter Soldier will be up there soon.

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Sorry, Castle Grayskullman – Ra-Jar is the Best Fan-Created MOTUC

Masters of the Universe Classics Ra-Jar 3

We’re going back a ways, but Ra-Jar was one of the runners-up in the Masters of the Universe Classics Create-a-Character contest that spawned Castle Grayskullman back in 2012. A few days ago, Matthias Grundner posted a Ra-Jar album on Facebook featuring a pretty awesome custom of the character, including a write-up of the features and bio of the would-be toy.

I’ve got no idea of Matthias’ relationship with Ra-Jar’s creator, Josh Howard, but he also included the Mattel-commissioned artwork for the contest by Jonboy Meyers and Chuck Pires. Anybody know the origins of the character sheet? Was it produced by Mattel for the creator, or vice-versa? Or did another fan of the character make this tribute? Please share the background if you know – all I know is that if Ra-Jar had won instead of Castle Grayskullman, I would have happily bought him.

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Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Falcon, Electro, and Sunspot

This week’s Border Patrol features two Marvel characters from upcoming movies plus one that would be cool to see in an X-Men movie.

  • Marvel Legends Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) by Stevid customs – while a bit simplified from the ultra-detailed costume revealed for the Winter Soldier movie, this Falcon nevertheless captures the feel of the movie costume – ends Mar 26, 2014 18:30:13 PDT
  • Marvel Legends Electro by Spidey Customs – made from the movie Electro, this custom attempts to take it back to the comic look with some creative license applied – ends Apr 01, 2014 02:33:48 PDT
  • Marvel Legends Sunspot by Shinobitron – while I was never much of a fan of the New Mutants in the comics, I think a character like Sunspot would have been a better fit for the younger X-Men in the First Class movies, rather than creating a continuity problem by adding Cyclops’ younger brother Havok to a movie set 30+ years earlier – this custom looks sharp but could use some of those sunspots – ends Mar 30, 2014 18:24:05 PDT

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Customizers, the submission deadline for CustomCon 37 is coming up on April 7.

Four Horsemen Gothitropolis Raven Test Shots Look Amazing

While the Four Horsemen refer to these as the “first” test shots, the more accurate way to describe them would be as the first test shots after earlier looks at the Gothitropolis Ravens revealed problems with scale and detail that required retooling. I don’t recall if this was part of the earlier acknowledgement of the issues, but this latest update discusses a move to a new factory for the fix.

There are a couple of shots of the upcoming figures with the Scarabus, the previous figure from the Gothitropolis Fantastic Exclusive line – while it could be the perspective of the photos, it still looks like the Raven may be a little undersized. But what is undeniable is that the detail and articulation of the figures looks great. The Four Horsemen provided 32 pics in this update, so enjoy!

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Batman: Gotham Gotham Burning Bright! –

Bill’s latest comic features Batman against Firefly and Anarky, as they light up Gotham City! Be sure to check out more of his comics at Bill’s Comics.

Batman - Gotham Gotham Burning Bright page 01

Batman: Gotham Gotham Burning Bright

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WebSwipe: First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates –

With Cap coming up in two weeks, I’ve almost forgotten there’s another Marvel movie this summer that I’m super excited to see – Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has got a first look at the Marvel Minimates for the movie.

Gotta love what Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum can do with these things – but I’m a little disappointed Rocket Raccoon is said to be non-poseable.

Exclusive First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates

Pre-order this new set from Diamond Select Toys based off the upcoming film!

One of the biggest movies of 2014 just got really small! The Marvel Minimates line from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy to the two-inch scale this summer, with a full assortment of characters from the highly anticipated feature film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates

Anticipated to be in stores in time for the film’s August 1st premiere, the line will include four two-packs that will be available at comic shops and specialty stores. The two-packs will pair Star-Lord with Ronan the Accuser, Drax with Groot, Gamora with a Nova Corps Centurion and Nebula with a Sakaaran Trooper. Each two-inch, fully-poseable mini-figure features interchangeable parts and accessories, including a mask for Star-Lord, knives for Drax and a non-poseable micro-figure of Rocket to hang out with Groot!

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Diamond Select Toys Reveals Falcon, Cap and More from Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I guess with two weeks to go to the Winter Soldier, there’s going to be a lot of Cap news to report. Diamond Select Toys is next with Marvel Select and Marvel Minimates figures. They picked Falcon and the “Super Soldier” version of Cap for their Marvel Select line-up, and have a full wave of Minimates for the movie.

I’ve been trying to stay away from details about the movie, and if you’re doing the same, you might want to just look at the pictures but not read the last paragraph about the Minimates – it reveals some characters that will be in the movie that might be a pleasant surprise for comic book fans. Zut alors!

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Hot Toys Reveals “Golden Age” Cap from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America the Winter Soldier Golden Age 01

Hot Toys may be calling this the “Golden Age” version of the Captain America suit, but we all have seen that there are differences between the Captain America suits from The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier (and if you enter the Hot Toys contest before tomorrow, you’ll get a chance to win some Hot Toys stuff from the Winter Soldier movie). We’ve seen the previews of the “Super Soldier” suit and Hot Toys also announced another Black Widow, but we’ve yet to see if they’ll be producing the Falcon.

No pre-orders for this new Cap yet, and I suppose that’s why they’ve got the “Movie Promo Edition” tag on the pictures, but you can keep this search for Hot Toys Captain America at Sideshow handy for when the pre-order does pop up. Two weeks to go for the movie!

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Announcing CustomCon 37 at Raving Toy Maniac this April

We are pleased to share that Raving Toy Maniac will be hosting CustomCon 37. This edition of CustomCon will be held in April, and joins the CustomCon events held in the summer at and the winter here at AFP.

The entry deadline is just under three weeks away, on April 7.


CustomCon 37

What is CustomCon, you ask? CustomCon is a special semi-annual presentation of new custom toy creations by customizers around the globe. More than a decade in the running, it’s still going strong. Inspired by the presentations of new product by legitimate manufacturers at Toy Fair and other trade shows, CustomCon is a “fake” convention, whereby customizers present their latest creations and recipes as if unveiling a new line of real toys to retailers. It’s always a lot of fun, for both the viewers and the participants.

If this is your first exposure to a CustomCon, click here to see what’s been offered over the past 36 CustomCons.

EVENT DATES: CustomCon 37 will run from April 21 to 25, 2014.

ENTRY DEADLINE: The deadline will be Monday, April 7, 2014. No entries will be accepted after this date.

ENTRY GUIDELINES: So how can you participate? Well, the key is to make several custom action figures that would be in the same toy line, and send in photos of them. You could make your own new wave of DC Direct figures (a current series), a new wave of Star Trek figures (a previous series). You can also make a line of Super-Duper Creep Busting figures! (That would be your own unique line.) You could make figures based on characters from Comics, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Sports, Sci-Fi… The sky’s the limit!

  1. Just make sure each group of figures shares a common theme. You should come up with a name for your line of figures if it’s an original line, and give some sort of description of the action figure line.
  2. Custom packaging is, of course, an option, but it is certainly not required.
  3. If possible, we would ask that you photograph the figures so that it looks like they are on display at a convention. If you have custom packaging, it’s best to have pictures both loose and in the packages.
  4. There’s no limit on how few customs you have to submit for a line. 4 or more would be appreciated, but any number is fine. So, YES if you only have 1 or 2 good figures, send them in!
  5. The whole point of CustomCon is to show off your NEW custom creations, so please, no entries of pieces previously seen on websites, forums or in any sort of public gallery.

Ready to Submit your ENTRY?

Send your submissions to [email protected]. Please e-mail the following:

  • Your first and last name, or just the nickname you go by online. Your preference.
  • Your email address.
  • Your custom figure website address, if you have one.
  • The name of your figure line.
  • Any custom logos you wish to use for your toyline. (OPTIONAL)
  • E-mail me pictures of your figures. JPGs are preferred, scaled for screen. (7 inches high at 72 dpi is a good standard, or around 100 kb). Please make sure your images are ATTACHED to the email, NOT embedded. Remember to name your image files appropriately. You may know every X-Man ever created by sight, but we might not.
  • A description of what they were made from (your toy recipe). Describe what figures you used to make your custom. Please type, or “copy & paste” this into an e-mail.
  • A Description of the action figure line (convention write-up report).
  • Write up your own “Press release” or “Toy Show Commentary” to describe your toyline. Please type, or “copy & paste” this into an e-mail.

We appreciate you helping to spread the word about CustomCon.

via CustomCon 37 Entry Guidelines | Raving Toy Maniac.

DC Universe Classics Passes the Torch at Mattycollector March Sale

Mattycollector March Sale

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Mattycollector’s March sale (underway now) includes figures from Mattel’s outgoing DC Universe Classics and incoming DC Universe Total Heroes lines. Hook-handed Aquaman is the first of the last four DCUC figures, and John Stewart (with alternate Green Lantern heads) is the first deluxe Total Heroes figure to be sold on Matty. All six Watchmen figures are also up, for those of you who didn’t sub to Club Black Freighter or are just looking to cherry-pick.

On the Masters of the Universe Classics front, it’s the relatively unexciting Hydron, following blockbuster releases of Two Bad and Modulok – but he’s joined by New Adventures He-Man and Fang Man from last year, if they didn’t sell out during Early Access. Even if you’re not a New Adventures fan, you might want to pick up a Galactic Protector He-Man for the easy hand swap He-Man custom.

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