Ron Mirasol (aka SamuRon), Publisher – Ron became a life-long fan of toys when he got a G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip as a birthday present decades ago – thanks Mom! For ten years he oversaw the growth of, from a small toy forum to thriving pop culture community. Today, he is the focused on his roots with He still gets upset when an action figure can’t hold its accessories properly, and is completely devastated when their fingers break off.

Cara Wong (aka Random Things), Executive Producer – Cara has been behind the scenes of AFP from its inception and only stopped lurking to start contributing articles that address those oh so hard to get collectible vinyl and plush toys that she’s gotta have. Attending San Diego Comic Con since she was 13, she got her penchant for toys as well as her 1st comic (Cloak and Dagger #1 Oct 1983) from her awesome dad whose hoarding skills she also inherited. And every once in a blue moon she creates her own toys, as seen on her Flickr account.

F.W. Bougher Jr. (aka Buzzy Fret), Staff – Cold War Survivor, Rock N’ Roll Guitarist, and Plastic Addict, Buzzy Fret spends too much time trolling the aisles of toy departments looking for perfectly good toys to break in his random acts of senseless action figure customizing. Examples of Buzzy’s customs can be found on his cheapo webpage – When not hunting toys, Buzzy is usually locked in the Buzzy Cave either procrastinating or kit-bashing. If spotted approach with caution.

Alexander Santa Clara (aka Sandman21xxi), Staff – Alex loves to collect toys. He likes opening them in his car. He also likes to take pictures of them. In his spare time he tries to make a living as a freelance illustrator/designer. When he has more spare time he squeezes in his other hobbies/interests like sports, movies, video games, and art. He loves the sense of excitement and joy toys bring to kids and adults, and he hopes to be part of the toy industry someday. More of his toy photography can be seen at his AFP Gallery or his Flickr account.

Jason (aka Talyn), Staff – Talyn is notorious for sneaking away from his normal shopping duties with his wife to pick through the toy department, looking for that cool new piece of plastic crack. Once he finds it, he enjoys photographing these little wonders as if they were alive, breathing life and action into them and sharing his freakish fetish with the world. In downtime (between paychecks) he enjoys customizing, prop building, sculpting, and web/graphic design (his professional… profession). Some of his design and prop/costume works can be seen on

[This could be you!], Staff or Freelance Writer and Photographer – Are you an action figure collector? Do you like writing, and do you have a nice camera? Do you like taking pictures of your action figure collection? If this sounds like you, you work for peanuts, and would be interested in contributing your words and pictures to AFP, then send email to ron (at) Please be prepared to share some of your writing and pictures.

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