AFP’s Hasbro G.I. JOE Q&A Roundup – 5/15/9

Here’s our innaugural Q&A with the G.I. JOE team at Hasbro.

1. Since the recent announcement for the 2 G.I. Joe exclusives only showed packaging for the movie Destro 2-pack (pretty cool looking!), what else can you tell us about the Destro figures? When will the figures be revealed? And any more Joe exclusives planned for San Diego Comic-Con?


There will be two exclusives for Comic-Con this year. The first is a 12” Baroness figure and the other is the 3 3/4″ McCullen set. The figures will show the first McCullen as seen in the movie as well as the most recent McCullen in the family. The packaging is like a book with two single cards inside…it’s some of the best packaging the brand has ever seen.

2. Not that we’re not excited for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra figures, but folks are missing their 25th Anniversary Joes. What kind of timing can we expect for 25th Anniversary Joes given that the movie is opening on August 7th? Can you give us some hints of what’s to come?

This is kind of a trick question. The 25th Anniversary with the classic packaging will only be seen in the 7-packs this year. But, the 25th figures and styling will continue in movie as will the characters from the 80’s that you know and love. Going forward the movie line is the main line, but we are doing our best to bring in the classics that fans want in a new expression (like Firefly).

3. We’d love to get some more pictures of some upcoming G.I. Joe toys (we try not to publish any articles without pictures) – any chance we can get some more pictures of the SDCC exclusives, or maybe something you haven’t revealed yet?

We just posted SDCC exclusives on the G.I. Joe website.

I looked, but couldn’t find any news or pics of the exclusives on the Hasbro site. Anyone have a link?

Here’s the round-up of other Q&As from around the web. (Links to be added as they come up.)

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