Age of Apocalypse Sunfire (Hasbro Exclusive)

Age of Apocalypse Sunfire

Age of Apocalypse Sunfire

I would have eventually taken pictures of this bad boy, who is still available on for $10.99, but this thread on prompted me to do it today. ¬†Apparently he is also available on sale at clearance retailer Tuesday Morning – if you don’t have any of those nearby, Sunfire is one of Hasbro’s better efforts, and is worth it at full price.

AOA Sunfire package front.JPGAOA Sunfire package back.JPGAOA Sunfire front.JPGAOA Sunfire headshot.JPGAOA Sunfire back.JPGAOA Sunfire action 1.JPG
Star, AOA Sunfire, Yellowjacket.JPGSpider-Man, AOA Sunfire, Captain America.JPG

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