4 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Comparisons”

  1. They’re all crap!!!

    Hasbro ruined the best action figure line of all time. Why anyone buys these atrocities is completely beyond me!

    (sorry for being so dramatic)

  2. I agree with Stinky Pete. Hasbro ruined the Marvel Legends line. The Marvel Universe line is “neat,” but it sure as hell does not inspire me to drive an extra 40 miles to a store to buy figures to add to my collection like the Marvel Legends line. Damn you Hasrbo!!! LOL.
    Oh and I just love how they made limited numbers of the new Deadpool in red costume from the recent twin pack. Which caused a**holes on ebay and other sites to sell it for $60.00. I mean Deadpool is awesome but I sure as hell am not paying that high of a price for a figure. I suppose I could buy the blue costume figure but it sucks a**.

  3. Pete said it, MU seriously suck!!!

    I know it’s been said before but when Hasbro took over the most successful action figure line out, why did they think it was a good idea to trash it?

    It’s a crazy world.

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