Hot Toys Secures Marvel Movie Masterpiece License

Gotta how the internet connects and informs people.  This news comes via -> ->  And what big news it is.

Hot Toys has picked up the movie licensing for Marvel, and from the announcement it appears they’ve got movies past and present.  Want a 1/6 scale Halle Berry Storm to go with the upcoming Hot Toys X-Men Origins Wolvie?  Yeah, ok, I know she wasn’t all that great.  How about a Hannibal King from Blade 3?  Well, it’s all possible now.

Hot Toys Marvel Announcement Teaser
Hot Toys Marvel Announcement Teaser

Yes, that is right folks. Hot Toys has the license to the Marvel Universe. And the pic above is the announcement teaser from HT’s official catalog.

For those who cannot read Japanese, here’s what the page says:

Left-side: Movie Masterpiece. Starting soon.

Right-side: Blade trilogy, X-Men trilogy, Spider-Man trilogy, & more…

Yes, Movie Masterpiece. Not the comic versions. This means, for those who have longed for a good ‘movie Spidey’ 1/6th figure, you’re about to get one. And it’s the trilogy they’re doing which means you’ll not only get Spidey, but probably also the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, and Sandman to say the least!

via ITTS 2009: Hot Toys – what’s next: Marvel license.

And, you’ve got to check out the pictures Eddie has of Hot Toys stuff at the International Tokyo Toy Show.  Fantastic pics!  Here’s a very small sampling of the low res shots.

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