Marvel Legends 2-Packs Wave 2 – packaged

Marvel Legends SHIELD Leaders 2-Pack
Marvel Legends SHIELD Leaders 2-Pack

By virtue of the Marvel Universe Covers Contest I’ve gotten my big hands on a set of the second Hasbro wave of Marvel Legends 2-Packs that have been popping up.  While I can’t open up the prize packages, I did snap a few pictures of the figures still in package.  Enjoy!

SHIELD Leaders

SHIELD Leaders.JPGSHIELD Leaders - back.JPGSHIELD Leaders - Maria Hill.JPGSHIELD Leaders - Sharon Carter.JPGSHIELD Leaders - Tony Stark.JPGSHIELD Leaders - Iron Man.JPG

Hasbro had originally said that this 2-pack would feature different hair colors on the ladies for the Stealth Iron Man variant.  With classic-colored Iron Man we were to get Maria Hill and a brunette (or some other color), but it turns out that the blond Sharon Carter alternate head is now packed in here.  And all the heads look great.

Earlier fears that Iron Man was undersized were dispelled when loose pics were shown, though there’s not as much complaints about Maria Hill being a relative giantess compared to more recent Marvel Legends females.  There do seem to see some production changes in the Iron Man torso from the beautiful prototype that we saw a year ago.  It seems a bit narrower, particularly in the waist.  My whiny nitpick for this set is Iron Man not having a left fist – c’mon, two open left hands?

Ninjas vs. Super Spies

Ninjas vs. Super Spies.JPGNinjas vs. Super Spies - back.JPGNinjas vs. Super Spies - Hand Ninja.JPGNinjas vs. Super Spies - Nick Fury.JPGNinjas vs. Super Spies - SHIELD Agent.JPG

What a great name for a 2-pack!  Like his Marvel Universe counterpart, the Hand Ninja is a reuse of the earlier Ronin release.  Although I confess that I’d have preferred a more classic interpretation, like the Toy Biz version that got nixed from the Bring on the Bad Guys wave of Marvel Legends, this one will still work for me.  To give some army-building value, Nick Fury comes with a generic SHIELD agent alternate head.

People have noticed Nick’s noggin size – he looks a little pin-headed, but I’ll wait to see him out of package to make a final judgment.  That would give him something in common with the ML Punisher that his figure reuses.  In other pics I’ve seen, his chest straps have been angled like they are in package – I am guessing those can be repositioned to give them the horizontal orientation.

Alien Armies

Alien Armies.JPGAlien Armies - back.JPGAlien Armies - Skrull Soldier.JPGAlien Armies - Kree Soldier.JPGAlien Armies - Kree Soldier purebred variant.JPG

As the name implies, this is a pure army builder set.

In the Skrull Soldier, this 2-pack brings back one of the harder to get figures from the Fantatic Four Classics line from Toy Biz.  Like the Super Skrull, this one comes with interchangeable arms.  In a nice touch for those of us who already have that figure, Hasbro has given him new paint ops on the Skrulled-out arms, gray arms and blue flames vs. Thing and Human Torch orange.

The Kree Soldier is a reuse of the Yellowjacket / Quicksilver mold, with new tooling for forearms, hands, hands, and cowl.  The blue-skinned alternate head represents a pure-bred (but weaker) Kree soldier.

I’ll get more pics when I actually find a set of my own.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends 2-Packs Wave 2 – packaged”

  1. Damn that figures! (pardon the pun) With the SHIELD leaders set Hasbro very nearly had the closest to perfection figure set they’ve done thus far and still managed to screw it up? WTF? Anorexic Ironman…so close and yet so far. The prototype was not like this. What happened?

  2. Hasbro has made some improvement since the first wave. What really bothers me is the cheap plastic that cause the figures to crumble over their knees and the pin heads.

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