Marvel Motion Comics with Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Promo

Fwoosher canonball, who gave us a first look at the SHIELD Super Spies and Ninjas vs. Super Spies Marvel Legends 2-Packs, pointed out the Marvel Motion Comics. I was a fan of Watchmen: the Complete Motion Comic, but the Marvel ones will differ in that they have full voice acting casts, whereas Watchmen was more like a traditional audio book, with a single reader voicing all the characters.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Astonishing X-Men: Gifted motion comic, available on iTunes starting October 28:

More info, including the first issue of Spider-Woman, Agent of SWORD, at Marvel Motion Comics | Spider-Woman & Astonishing X-Men.

And, a little bonus – some outtakes from the voiceover auditions, from the crew that brings you Marvel Super Heroes: What The-?!