Marvel Universe Wave 6 – Warpath, Jean Grey, Sunfire, and Vision

Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision, Warpath, Jean Grey, and Sunfire

Marvel Universe Wave 6 is officially the first wave for 2010, but with sell-through on the Marvel Universe line strong, it’s been showing up at bricks and mortar retailers for several weeks now.  If this wave, I only picked up four of the six figures, passing on the House of M Spider-Man and the training uniform Wolverine.

Although I think the body they used for Spider-Man, originally from the black costumed Spidey, is superior to the one that’s been reused several times already for all the other Spideys, I just don’t need this variant.  And for Wolvie, I’ll wait for the running change on the head sculpt that should be a lot better than the initial head.

Here’s the packaging, featuring the new HAMMER and Norman Osborne themed artwork by Mike Deodato.

Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath - card (767x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath - card back (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - card (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - card back (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - card (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - card back (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - card (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - card back (769x1024).jpg


Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath (766x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath - back (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath - closeup (767x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Warpath - with Wolverine (1024x1024).jpg

Most of the figures I picked up show how the Marvel Universe line continues to get stronger, and Warpath is one of the highlights.  He reuses the Thunderball body that was introduced in the Secret Wars line to good effect, and comes with a two knives and a sheath that will fit one of them, but with the handle facing either way.  His hands are somewhat open, but the knives come with guards that also function to keep them in his hands.  The paint shows how far we’ve come from the first wave, with the black and silver much more vibrant than what we got in the X-Force Wolverine.  I’m looking forward to the red and blue variant from Warpath’s Uncanny stint that will be delivered as a running change.

The nit that I’ll keep harping on until they change it on all the MU figures are the hips.  Without the hip swivels, the leg articulation is missing key points of articulation.  I keep thinking the knees are pointed inward, and there’s really no way to change that.

Jean Grey

Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - back (769x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - closeup (756x1005).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - with Super Hero Showdown Cyclops (1023x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Jean Grey - with Firestar (1024x1024).jpg

On the other hand, Jean Grey is the low point of the wave, which is a shame because fans have been clamoring for her in this costume for a long time.  The problem, which I think I will try to fix, is how low Jean’s head sits on her neck – this is exacerbated by the extra height that her shoulder pads add, making her neck seem even shorter.  While removing the pads reduce this somewhat, it’s still not enough – the head needs to be raised a little.

The headsculpt itself is pretty, and the paint on it is also good, so I think with some minor tweaking the figure will be as good as it deserves to be.


Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire (767x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - back (770x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - closeup (770x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - with Cyclops (1024x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Sunfire - action (769x1024).jpg

I think Sunfire is my favorite figure in the wave.  Like Jean, Sunfire in his classic costume is one that fans have been demanding.  He shares the new medium build body that was introduced in Wave 5.  And while it looks just a tad buff for Sunfire (and the classic Cyclops) I still like it a great deal.  I also like that Sunfire’s belt buckle is a sculpted element and not just painted on.

The paint here is probably the weakest in the wave, with some bleed through on both the white and yellow.


Marvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision (770x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - back (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - closeup (701x937).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - action (768x1024).jpgMarvel Universe Wave 6 - Vision - with Captain America and Iron Man (1024x1024).jpg

Vision, despite using the Daredevil body that is one row of abs too short, is still a pretty good figure.  I think his costume design gives an illusion of a longer torso, and the paint on him is very vibrant.  The addition of this cape could be a good thing – I could see Hasbro reusing it for a Shi’ar Gladiator and Dr. Strange, although I wouldn’t like it much if they used the Daredevil body for either of those characters.

Overall, this is a strong wave for Marvel Universe – aside from the short-necked Jean Grey, I think each of the characters is served pretty well by their figures.  The addition of stands for 2010 is also welcome,  but made me realize that some of the base bodies have their peg holes at the heel, while others have them at the toes.  Here’s an instance where uniformity would be better.  But I still prefer the clear stands, and peg hole placement doesn’t matter at all with those.

Looking ahead, Wave 7 will likely build on MU’s success.  I hope to bring you a review of those soon.

4 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Wave 6 – Warpath, Jean Grey, Sunfire, and Vision”

  1. most of the Marvel Universe variants are handled as running changes and start showing up down the line when older figures are included in cases of new assortments. so it could weeks or even months after the initial release before the variants hit shelves. let me know if you find one, and good luck!

  2. As of this date, I think the head swap on Training Wolverine is the only variant from the 2010 selections to have hit market. I wonder about Winter Soldier tough… All info I can find say that the short hair version is the regular version, but I’ve only ever seen the long haired vrsion.

    Other than that, each wave so far seems to have 2 variants…
    Wave 6: ‘Clear’ Vision and Classic Warpth… As far as I know, neiter have hit market, but there’s plenty of photo evedince of the Vision.
    Wave 7: ‘White Shirt’ Luke Cage and Black Widow II… Again, don’t think any have hit yet, but I have seen pictures of Cage.
    Wave 8: Archangel with Death Mask and Compacted Wings, and Original suit Havok… Both these have new heads, and bot these I’ve seen evidence that they have possibly hit market, or will pop up anytime. I have seen pics of both in package.

    There’s still variants of 2009 selections that haven’t been spotted yet.

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