Hot Toys Announces Michael Jackson (Bad Version) DX

When Hot Toys teased another DX announcement a couple of days ago, I don’t think many people guessed at another MJ – my guess was for a figure from the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. With the pics included here, I can see why DX and PERS, the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System that Hot Toys innovated, makes sense for Michael Jackson. The lifelike quality it has in these shots is uncanny.

No pre-order for this yet, but the Thriller version (with both friendly and zombie heads and costumes) is still available at Sideshow Toys.

Indulge in Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is forever in our heart. Paying tribute to the King of Pop, the most successful and influential entertainer of all time, we are proud to present the Michael Jackson’s collectible figure again, this time depicting his image in his popular hit Bad’s music video in 1987.

This fine collectible is one of the M ICON DX series, highlighting Hot Toys' exclusively invented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), newly developed head sculpt and multi-layered stereoscopic hair sculpture. All these combined real-like features would bring him back to life!

Another highlight is the one-of-his-kind costume. This full set of Bad version costume is highly-detailed, showcasing not only the outfits, but also the accessories such as buckled belts and riveted gloves. Again value-added, this deluxe set is complimentary with a set of upper outfit portraying his Dirty Diana music video image in 1988.

Stage is essential for superstar. A square-shaped deluxe figure stand with LED lights which imitates the stage effects is equipped for his great performance. Together with his nameplate and the M ICON DX series title, it is also a great collectible!

via Hottoys Newsletter.