Marvel Universe Comic 2-Packs Series 3 Press Pics

MarvelousNews has images of the series of Marvel Universe 2-packs that will follow the Secret Wars series. While these are still mock-ups with Secret Wars comics packed in, the actual figures will come with Uncanny X-Men #175 (which features Dark Phoenix but is not actually part of the Dark Phoenix Saga) and Dark Avengers #1. I was hoping we would also get a regular Phoenix in her green costume out of this series, but so far no variant has been announced.

2010 Marvel Universe Comic Figure 2-Pack Series 3 Images

Shown below are some new carded images for Hasbro’s upcoming Comic Figure 2-packs. This 3rd wave for 2010 will be the first set of non-Secret Wars based figures. Instead we have one set based on the Dark Phoenix saga from the X-Men titles and one from the more recent Dark Avengers storyline. The sets include the following figures:

  • Daken & Venom (From the pages of Dark Avengers. Daken is disguised as Wolverine and Venom disguised as Spider-Man)
  • Cyclops & Dark Phoenix

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  1. I sure hope the new Phoenix looks better than the last Jean Grey that came out. These smaller scales are apparently really hard to get quality female faces. I have not been collecting the line for that reason. If the mold is good enough this time, I might change my tune.

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