Heroclix Web of Spider-Man Preview of Carnage and Cardiac

I’ve just got an excerpt from WizKid’s preview of two of the figures from the upcoming Heroclix Web of Spider-Man set that was announced back in late April – Carnage and Cardiac. But you should really check out the full article, especially if you’re interested in the product planning that goes into producing a set of figures like this.

Today, I have two sneak peaks of figs for you to look at, one from each category.  First up, I have a “need.”  If you’re going to do a Spider-Man set, you got to have representatives on the Symbiote front.  Fans have been bugging (okay, asking) me for a new Carnage since I began working on Clix years ago.  Web of Spider-Man includes a powerhouse version of Cletus Kasady that is sure to guarantee “maximum carnage.”  Equipped with a vicious Special “Symbiote Blade,” Carnage is a worthy adversary.  Next up on my preview board is another fan-demanded piece that conveniently happens to be from the Spider-verse.

Wow, that sculpt is a real shocker!  All bad puns aside, what a breath-taking sculpt and paint for this awesome frie-nemy of Spider-Man.  While Carnage is a top-line Spider enemy with a couple of major cross-over stories under his belt, Cardiac has a slightly longer and more nuanced relationship with our favorite webhead.  He’s a perfect example of the supporting cast that makes Spider-Man’s world so rich and interesting. I can’t wait to show you more figs from the set, and in my next article, we’ll get into one of the meaty mechanics that makes Web truly innovative.

via Web of Spider-Man Previews Are Here! : Heroclix.com – Wizkids/NECA, Inc.