NECA The Exorcist Possessed Regan Deluxe Set

This is probably one of the more disturbing action figures I’ve seen. With spinning head action, the only think that could have made it more so would be if it shot pea soup of her mouth.

If NECA has this on display at San Diego Comic-Con, I’ll try to get some video of it. Yikes!

She’ll Make Your Head Spin

…Or at least hers will

It’s one of horror cinema’s all-time classic images: little girl, in bed, head spinning. NECA is proud to unveil our deluxe Exorcist boxed set of poor possessed Regan — complete with motorized spinning head!

The bed on which she rests is over 7” long, almost 6” across and over 5” tall. Regan herself is articulated at the neck, shoulders, and forearms, and motorized action allows the head to rotate 360 degrees timed in sync with the actual movie scene. The figure also plays music straight out of the film.

In the true spirit of terror — as in, you should be afraid you might not get one — we’re limiting our dear Regan to ONE PRODUCTION RUN. That’s it, buddy. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. It’ll be like they’ve been exorcised from our catalog.

The Regan deluxe boxed set will hit stores late September or October (in time for Halloween) and will also be featured on our Amazon storefront.

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