San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Exclusive Iron Man Mark VI and Mark III Mighty Muggs

SDCC08+10 IM MM 006.jpg
SDCC 2010 & 2008 MIGHTY MUGGS Iron Men!

Hasbro Marvel Mighty Muggs! They’re cute, beautifully detailed with sharp paint apps and remind me of SouthPark for some reason. I haven’t been sucked into rabid MU MM collecting, but I picked up my first at SDCC in 2008 – the Mark III from the first Iron Man movie (more on that in a bit). So, I had to get one of the SDCC 2010 Mark VI figures from the sequel. (My wife loves it when I say I *have* to get something.) I figure they’ll make great bookends for my Iron Man TPBs.

SDCC 2010 IM2 Iron Man

SDCC10 IM2 MM 001.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 002.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 003b.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 003.jpg

SDCC10 IM2 MM 004.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 005.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 006.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 007.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 008.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 009.jpg

SDCC10 IM2 MM 010.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 011.jpgSDCC10 IM2 MM 012.jpg

The Iron Man 2 Mark VI Mighty Muggs has a retractable face plate so that you can see the lovable and quirky Tony Stark rendered in Mighty Muggs style. Doesn’t look much like RD Jr though.

SDCC10 IM2 MM 014.jpg
Action Pose!

He’s cute! Whadda ya want? They don’t do much except look cute!

As of writing this, the SDCC 2010 MM IM2 Iron Man is still available through Get it before they gone!

SDCC 2008 Iron Man

SDCC08 IM MM 001.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 002.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 003.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 004.jpg

SDCC08 IM MM 005.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 006.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 007.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 008.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 009.jpgSDCC08 IM MM 010.jpg

SDCC08 IM MM 012.jpgSDCC08+10 IM MM 003.jpgSDCC08+10 IM MM 004.jpg

So, there I was at the 2008 SDCC, in line at the Hasbro booth to get a Marvel Legends Savage Land Boxset. It was a long line. Lotsa Transformer and GI Joe fans. It was like being in line for a ride at Disney World except that there was a palpable anxiety coming from the Joe and Transformer fans that were scared Hasbro would sell out of those exclusives at any second. It was like being surrounded by several hundred skittish sheep nervously waiting to be shorn of their wool.

It seemed like it took forever to get to the counter. When I finally made it, I decided I owed it to myself to get something special considering the trials and tribulations I had just endured. So I got the MM Iron Man too.

He’s cute!!

Okay, I got nothing. Enjoy the pics.

SDCC08 IM MM 011.jpg
Action Pose!

SDCC08+10 IM MM 005.jpg

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  1. I believe the 2008 figure is the Mark 3 not Mark 4 as the Mark 4 hadn’t been revealed yet.

  2. I love these Muggs, they’re probably the best looking designer style toys at retail, they’re just sleek and cute! I don’t collect them, I know if I buy one I’ll have to get more, but I think they’re awesome! Ron or Buzzy did they stop making Marvel Muggs? I don’t see any new ones of the 616 Universe, just some from the IM2.

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