Square Enix Play Arts Kai Bayonetta

This is a guest review of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Bayonetta by Ayeffkay. I wasn’t familiar with the character at all before starting to play the Sega game a few days ago. While the figure’s proportions looked a little elongated to me before, they’re actually completely accurate to the game. Big thanks to Ayeffkay for the review and the loads of pics!

Playarts Bayonetta 63 (1200x800).jpg

Bayonetta is a game where you say “holy shit, that’s awesome” a lot. She jumps and dances around a lot with a gun on each limb, kills more and bigger angels with every level, and wears a catsuit made of her hair, which flies off and turns into a demon whenever you have a boss to kill.

Playarts Bayonetta 01 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 03 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 07 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 09 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 12 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 16 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 17 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 18 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 34 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 35 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 36 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 37 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 58 (800x1200).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 59 (800x1200).jpg

I went to Google to find some good scenes from the game to recreate. If there was any Play Arts figure that should’ve come with those little stands, it’s this one, but I dug up a bunch from some Play Arts Final Fantasy 7 figures to keep her upright. The hair that hangs near her elbows is flexible, which is great, but it’s also kind of heavy and made her hard to balance. I also couldn’t decide in some pictures whether she was jumping backward and firing behind her, or jumping forward and firing ahead, so sometimes I just took the hair off to uncomplicate it. That’s really all I have to say so hopefully Ron will edit this into something less drivelly.

[Editor’s note: sorry, all the drivel was retained.]

Playarts Bayonetta 02 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 08 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 04 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 05 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 06 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 10 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 11 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 13 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 14 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 19 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 20 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 21 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 22 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 23 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 24 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 25 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 26 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 27 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 28 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 29 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 30 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 31 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 32 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 33 (1200x800).jpg

Also I’ve never taken pics of one toy like this before so while I’m sure AFP has all kinds of fancy screens and backdrops, I made a wall out of MotU Classics shipping boxes to hide my messy desk.

Playarts Bayonetta 38 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 39 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 40 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 41 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 42 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 43 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 44 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 45 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 46 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 47 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 48 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 49 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 50 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 51 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 53 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 54 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 55 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 56 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 57 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 61 (1200x800).jpgPlayarts Bayonetta 62 (1200x800).jpg