Diamond Select Toys Reveals Toys R Us Marvel Minimates Wave 10

Fan favorites Blink and Morph from Age of Apocalypse (I’ll just pretend they are from the eXiles comic) are part of the next wave of Marvel Minimates from Toys R Us.

Toys-R-Us Minimates Wave 10 Revealed!

Continuing the Minimate invasion of the Toys”R”Us aisles, this latest assortment of Marvel Minimates is sure to impress with a mix of some of the old with the new as well as some more Age of Apocalypse two-packs to fill in the gaps in your collection!

First up is Shadowlands own “street level” heroes Spider-Man and Iron Fist. Do they have what it takes to take down Daredevil and the Hand? Next in the assortment Danger Room Wolverine faces Russian super-soldier Omega Red in a battle to the death!

Finishing things out are Toys-R-Us exclusive Age of Apocalypse two-packs! The first of these exclusives features Sabretooth and his unofficially adopted daughter Blink. Rounding out the assortment is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse Nemesis and Professor X impersonator Morph.

via Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles.