Hot Toys Announces TRON: Legacy Kevin Flynn


Kevin Flynn joins his son (Sam Flynn and his Light Cycle were announced about two weeks ago) as the second Hot Toys figure from TRON: Legacy. I think the head sculpt needs to be tweaked a little bit. I do see Jeff Bridges in it, but I think the eyes are a little too close together and slope down too much. We’ll see if Hot Toys will adjust this ahead of release.

TRON: Legacy: 1/6th scale Kevin Flynn Collectible Figure


You can view more pics in our TRON: Legacy Kevin Flynn album.

via TRON: Legacy: Kevin Flynn Collectible Figure.

2 thoughts on “Hot Toys Announces TRON: Legacy Kevin Flynn”

  1. Wow. Hot toys really can’t do faces can they. Still this is better than their woeful Michael Jackson heads. It’s such a shame as they get everything else spot on: costumes, accessories etc

  2. I actually think they normally do a pretty good job with the likenesses – I consider this a rare miss for them. I thought the MJ heads were pretty good – what didn’t you like about them?

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