7 thoughts on “Magneto and Titanium Man – BillsComics.com”

  1. Thanks much.

    Yeah, I couldn’t resist. When I picked up the Titanium Man figure, I just kept humming that song. So I kinda had it stuck in my head.

  2. Is that the Marvel Legends SDCC Stan Lee/Peter Parker/Spiderman that you used for this comic?

  3. Yes, wally2974 that is the SDCC exclusive Stan Lee/Peter Parker/Spider-Man that I use as my Peter Parker. (Great figure BTW). The Spider-Man used for the rest of the story is a Snap-Shot Spider-Man.

    Acer – Go to YouTube and search “Magneto and Titanium Man” and there are a few videos for the song. There is one that even uses images pulled directly from the old comics in the video. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

  4. Great story Ninjak. Plenty of action and great effects. The Snap Shot Spidey is one of my favorite figures. Just a bit jealous!! I can’t find the Titanium Man anywhere!!!!

  5. Thanks, BB. I found Ti-Man at TRU about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Which is the only place I think he’s showing up right now. It was the only one that I’ve seen before or since. Seen plenty of Iron Man’s and War Machine’s though.

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