Jazwares Mortal Kombat Press Pics

Our friends at Jazwares have sent us some shots of their upcoming 6-inch figures from the Mortal Kombat 9 video game released a month ago today. Look for these on shelves this summer.

We have a ton of figures planned, this is just the beginning…

Included are:

  • #13211 Sub-Zero
  • #13212 Raiden
  • #13213 Johnny Cage
  • #13216 Scorpion

The figures will be available this summer and we will have a Toys-R-Us Comic Con exclusive! I am waiting for permission to release more information.

We are also asking the fans on our Facebook page to tell us their favorite MK characters so we make sure we make them. I’ve heard some rumors and read the blogs… I can tell you that we are currently sculpting Sonya Blade!

9 thoughts on “Jazwares Mortal Kombat Press Pics”

  1. Cool. Mortal Combat has some good character designs and I’m always up for some new 6-inch articulated toys. Hope they go with SOTA’s Street Fighter figures from a few years back, as well as DCUC to support their game together.

  2. Ron,
    Do these figures “go” with DCUC?? I’ve wanted some Ninja’s for Ra’s Al Ghul that DCUC probably won’t make. These would be perfect.

  3. These r so HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Epic fail Crapwares!!! Once again these companies who want to make a quick buck release shitty figures and ruin a perfectly good license.

  4. Eh, they’re not perfect, but as long as they’re not super horrible, I’ll pick up at least Sub-Zero and Scorpion. I hope they turn out very well though, I’d like more than just those two characters.

  5. Eh, as long as they aren’t too pricey, I’ll probably grab em up. Don’t ask who to make, make them all! But if we are getting all assy about it.lol. Please make Noob, Quan Chi, Kitana, Baraka, and Sektor and Cyrax. And thank you for making Johnny Cage right off the bat.

  6. Dunno why they keep tapping Jazwares to do their figures. All the past MK figures from them have looked like crap. I think the old MK GI Joes I had were better looking than these. Jazzwares has no idea how to integrate articulation without it being so blatantly obvious or downright deforming to the design.

    And what’s with Johhny Cage? He looks like an old man. Bad details.

  7. Well, the reviews by you guys don’t sound very good. I may have to wait on DCUC to make those BATMAN: League of Assassins Ninjas.
    I’ve been asking for them…but not getting much support.

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