Spider-Man: Fugitive Part 3 – BillsComics.com

Bill has shared the third and final part of his latest classic Action Figure Comic with us. Be sure to check out Spider-Man: Fugitive part 1 and Spider-Man: Fugitive part 2, as well as more of his comics at Bill’s Comics.

My apologies to Bill – because of San Diego Comic-Con and then a publishing mistake on my part, this should have gone up sooner. In any case, enjoy, and make sure you don’t miss the final page!

Spider-Man: Fugitive, Part 3 - BillsComics.com

via Bill Sandefur’s Comics home.

3 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Fugitive Part 3 – BillsComics.com”

  1. That was awesome! Bill knows how to play with his toys 🙂

    Great job in framing every single shot to feel like a classically drawn marvel comic!

  2. Thanks guys. Your comments a very much appreciated.

    Skullder, you’ve discovered my secret. Yes, I’ve actually found a way to play with my action figures, while making it appear that I’m not really “playing” with them. But Shhh, don’t tell my wife. She thinks I’m crazy enough as it is. “Hey, I’m making comics, not playing. This is serious adult type stuff here.” 🙂

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