CC30: WASTELAND – Visions of the the Cybernetic Post-Apocalypse by Blayne Scott

Automated cybernetics revolutionized modern warfare with the merger of Kanemitsu Corporation and Omni Consumer Products. Building together a brighter future though applied necrotic cyber augmentation. 500 years after the final war, the remnants of these weapons used still roam the wastelands, locked forever in their last programmed command. Not unlike landmines today, the weapons of wars long past still threaten the present.

Presenting WASTELAND: An ongoing Post-Apocalyptic action figure series, featuring highly articulated 6″ scale representations of our horrific future-history. Coming soon to a trading post near you.

Wasteland: Infantry-Class Cyborg Unit, Mark I & II

What remains of the cyborg soldiers stalk the Tex-Amerikana wastes, seeking to fulfill their last programmed task. Like landmines of wars long past, the Wasteland Cyborgs represent a persistent threat to any who date enter the former North American block.

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  • Movie Iron Man Titanium Man
  • Movie Iron Man Mark-1
  • Marvel Legends Red Skull
  • Legendary Heroes figure gun-arm
  • Marvel Legends Angel figure + fodder joints
  • DC Universe Bizarro
  • NECA Gears of War figure
  • Gundam Decal sheets

Wasteland: Scarecrow-class Cyborg Unit

Often garbed in rags to avoid detection, the ‘stilt walkers’, or Scarecrow-class cyborgs are often betrayed by their stiff gait and frightening height from a distance. Programmed originally as sentries, these entities have long lost their purpose. Now, left without a directive, they wander aimlessly between populated areas, forever searching.

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  • McFarlane Interlink figure
  • Movie Iron Man Titanium Man
  • McFarlane Terminator Skull base (skull)
  • McFarlane Spawn figure (filter mask, modified)
  • NECA COG Soldier
  • Headphone wire/thick gauge copper wire
  • McFarlane Halo:Reach statue, 6″ scale size Gun
  • DC Superheroes Mr. Freeze
  • Assorted flexible hoses/wires
  • Gundam Decal sheets

Wasteland: “Mark-13” Sentry-Class Cyborg Unit

A highly versatile cyborg unit, the Mark-13 was designed to operate independently within defined mission parameters. Those affected by the EMP bursts early in the war are considered the most dangerous, as their mission parameters were wiped long ago. Some believe their mind still remains, creating an unpredictable, heavily armed horror. Traders speak of these units as men trapped within a rotting metal body – they exhibit reason, and a dark morality in their dealings.

This cyborg figure was inspired by the 90’s film “HARDWARE”, which features a killer cyborg/bot called M.A.R.K 13, a reference to Mark:13-20, where the phrase appears “No flesh shall be spared”.

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  • Unknown base figure
  • Movie Iron Man Titanium Man
  • NECA Bioshock figure
  • NECA canister accessory/hoses
  • McFarlane Terminator Skull base (skull)
  • McFarlane Nitro riders (hoses)
  • Lord of the Rings Orc sheath & rusty blade/fodder
  • Gundam Decal sheets

Wasteland: TITAN-Class Cyborg Unit

TITAN class battle suits premiered late in the war, developed and deployed throughout the European continent against Eurasian forces. Originally intended as a removable suit for living soldiers, the dead were quickly recycled and outfitted to fight again. These Battleoid units were often more effective in battle, lacking hesitation, fear, or compassion. Built to withstand EMP blasts and armor piercing munitions, many still wander today among the irradiated urban ruins.

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  • Kotobukiya Lost Planet:2 base figure
  • Spawn Interlink / Mcfarlane Skull base-skull
  • Custom cast breather-mask
  • McFarlane Defiller (Spider-version) – left hand
  • Spawn gun weapon
  • Iron Man Movie Iron Monger figure
  • McFarlane Spawn figure (feet – heavily modified)
  • Kotobukiya Armor Core figure backpack
  • Gundam Decal sheets

Wasteland: Reaper-Class Cyborg Unit

Mentioned only in whispers, Reaper-Class cyborgs brought death from afar. Combined surveillance, artillery, and close combat models, the R.E.A.P.E.R’s were a feared military asset by all sides in the final conflict. Legend tells of a great number still in operation, maintained by militia groups deep in the wastelands. None dare salvage in those zones, for all survivors fear the reaper.

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  • Kotobukiya Armor Core model kit big-gun
  • McFarlane Terminator skull base (Skull)
  • Final Fantasy: Spirits within fodder
  • McFarlane Interlink figure
  • Korean Movie Theatre Iron Man 2: Warmachine drink topper
  • Iron Man: Heavy Armor Iron Man (primary hip joints/inner torso)
  • NECA Gears of War figure (backpack, parts of Flame thrower)
  • So.Very.Much. black Aves Apoxie Sculpt
  • Iron Man Movie Titanium Man
  • Legendary Comic Book Heroes figure gun fodder
  • Iron Man Movie Iron Monger
  • Assorted headphone wire/cables/tubes

Wasteland: Apocalyptic Survivor

Originally intended the figure to be a homage to the novel “A Canticle for Leibowitz” by making a gas-mask wearing post-doomsdays Monk:

Instead, I made him a more general wasteland survivor, in the vein of a MAD MAX’s “Raiders”, or HARDWARE’s “Zoners”.

Sharing similar colors and hardware as the mechanized horrors that populate this series, some survivors fight, while others operate as support units: conducting repairs on damaged cyborgs in exchange for their continued existence in the wasteland.

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  • DCUC Desaad
  • NECA COG Soldier
  • NECA Jason (Machette)
  • Galactic Heroes Han Solo/fodder (Gun, modified)
  • NECA Resident Evil: HUNK
  • Marvel Legends Punisher (Faceoff 2-pack)
  • Marvel Legends Movie Punisher
  • Assorted flexible hoses, thick headphone wire.

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