Disney Store Swings Two Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Exclusives

I haven’t been to a Disney Store in a while – since long before the Marvel acquisition. Have they had a lot of Marvel items on the shelves?

Like flies caught in a web, everyone is buzzing about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and Diamond Select Toys has already put out some amazing collectables based on the film! In addition to a movie-inspired series of their popular Minimates mini-figures, DST also recently shipped their Marvel Select Spider-Man and Lizard action figures to comic shops and specialty stores. Well, now MarvelStore.com, DisneyStore.com and physical Disney Store locations will have two special editions of Spidey, as well!

The first exclusive Marvel Select figure will be a version of Spider-Man with interchangeable gloveless hands, plus an interchangeable unmasked Peter Parker head, featuring the likeness of Andrew Garfield. The other exclusive figure will be an entirely metallic version of the regular Spidey figure, depicting the extra-shiny side of the new, big-screen Spidey-suit! Look for both special editions to arrive on MarvelStore.com, DisneyStore.com and Disney Store shelves in early July!

via Art Asylum Blog ยป The Amazing Spider-Man Swings Into the Disney Store as Two Exclusive Marvel Select Figures!

2 thoughts on “Disney Store Swings Two Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Exclusives”

  1. Most Disney stores have a small section for Marvel. They have a bunch of pvc figurines, the occasional Marvel Legend or Universe figure, and then a bunch of roleplay stuff. Maskless Spidey looks pretty cool, that’s a good store exclusive.

  2. I like that the unmasked variant also comes with a masked head, so if you find it you just need to buy that one figure. However, the likeness is not excellent. I like the look and there are bits of Andrew Garfield to be found there, but it’s not immediately obvious, even though it is a nice headsculpt by its own.

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