Diamond Select Toys Reveals Exclusive Marvel Select Iron Man 3 Battle-Damaged Mark 42 and Iron Patriot

Marvel Select Exclusive Iron Patriot and BD Mark 42 2 Marvel Select Exclusive Iron Patriot and BD Mark 42 1

I was kind of hoping the just-revealed new figure from Diamond Select Toys’ Iron Man 3 Marvel Select line would be some sort of Pepper Potts figure. After all, they wouldn’t have to change anything about the Mark 42 armor except to give it an alternate Gwyneth Paltrow head sculpt, right? (Sorry, spoiler!) Instead, we get a battle-damaged variant – a predictable but likely a highly-desired choice. If you had been wondering why DST made a War Machine figure when that version of the armor didn’t appear in the movie, DST Chuck revealed in the latest Ask DST that they often start work on a movie line before the movie is done. In the case of Iron Man 3, they had an early script that featured War Machine before the Iron Patriot re-deco.

The new Mark 42 and the Iron Patriot will be exclusive to Disney Stores and online outlets DisneyStore.com and MarvelStore.com next month.

Iron Patriot and BD Iron Man coming exclusively at Disney Stores, DisneyStore.com and MarvelStore.com in July!

via Marvel Select Iron Man 3 Figures.