Toynami Announces Reacquisition of Voltron, Retirement of Bleach and Naruto

After a short stint with Mattel, Voltron has returned to Toynami – and they’re already promising to outdo the Club Lion Force 23-incher from Mattel with a 24-inch jumbo Voltron. In my opinion, Toynami feels like a better fit for the license, and we did like what we saw of Voltron at SDCC this year.

Sad to see toy lines end – I know Sandman will be disappointed about Toynami ending its run with Naruto.

Toynami Voltron announcement SDCC 2013 Toynami Voltron

Hey everyone! Join us as we welcome return of an old favorite: Voltron!

Under Toynami’s new agreement with Classic Media and World Event Productions, fans can expect to see collectibles toys, from a all new 24″ Jumbo Voltron to a high-detail transformable die-cast, celebrating Voltron’s 30th anniversary! Look for more details on our exciting new line of Voltron products soon!

As Toynami welcomes back one license, we must regretfully bid farewell to two others. After a long and mutually beneficial relationship, Toynami has elected to end its Bleach and Naruto product lines. Thanks to all the fans for their outstanding support!

via Toynami.

3 thoughts on “Toynami Announces Reacquisition of Voltron, Retirement of Bleach and Naruto”

  1. The 4″ Naruto figures are amazing!  If they had just kept on schedule and released the figures they kept showing at cons for years I think it would still be a popular line.  The fact that now I’ll never see 4″ Madara, Tobi, Guy, etc. really bums me out. (T_T)

  2. Yeah the Kakashi and Fourth were great figures, I was hoping theyd at least get a Rock Lee out before they called it quits but hey what can you do!
    I’m hoping one day that Naruto’ll show up in the SH Figuarts line, they did do a prototype a coupla years ago but never moved forward with it.

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