First Look: Marvel Captain America Infinite Series 6-Inch Legends – at Target

Marvel Legends Captain America First Look 1

Hasbro’s latest series of Marvel Legends (we’ll just call them Captain America Legends instead of the so hard to remember official name) may already be in the store room of your local Target. Our good pal trs was enterprising enough to purchase a case of these figures yesterday. As you may know, both Cap Legends and Spider-Man Legends (also shortened for simplicity) are due to hit in the New Year. So, if you’re brave enough to venture out on some of the busiest shopping days of the year, you might find these already on shelves – but more likely, you may have to talk to a salesperson about checking in the back.

The case of eight figures has six individual characters: two versions of Captain America (Marvel Now! and movie) at 2 figures each, Red Skull, Hydra goon, Baron Zemo, and AIM goon. The first three pieces for the MANDROID build-a-figure are with Marvel Now! Cap, Red Skull / Hydra, and Baron Zemo / AIM. So, if you buy two Marvel Now! Caps and the four individual villains, you’ll have the start of two MANDROIDS. Movie Cap does not come with a BAF piece, and may not even come with a stand.

Want more info on Cap Legends? Check out the official Marvel Captain America Infinite Series 6-Inch Legends press release from Hasbro, and our shots of the first wave of Cap Legends from New York Comic Con. We’re expecting three of the remaining figures to be movie versions of the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and the Super Soldier Cap.

So, ready to face the crowds at Target? Take these DCPIs with you: 087062560 for Cap Legends and 087062568 for Spidey Legends. Tell ’em trs sent you! Huge thanks to trs for this scoop!

5 thoughts on “First Look: Marvel Captain America Infinite Series 6-Inch Legends – at Target”

  1. I’ve seen reports (with pics) by people that have already found these on the shelf at Targets on the west coast, namely in California, Oregon, and Washington so far.

    I probably won’t be seeing them in stores for at least a couple of weeks down my way though.

  2. NinjakMy Target/Walmart hasn’t restocked for a few months… Not expecting anything anymore. Online it is lol.

  3. MagnetoFTW Ninjak These are new lines rolling out with the movie merchandise, so stores should at least stock the first wave. Apparently they’re 14.99 at Target, which is a big enough difference from online that I’ll be on the lookout for them.

  4. Just called a local Target. Gave them the stock number and asked for a check of local stores too. No dice. They were in the system though. I’m located in NW Ohio.

  5. I’m wondering….Is the movie “World War II” Captain America the same figure as the Walmart Exclusive Legends Cap that came out a few years ago? It sure seems like it. I was able to pick up the Marvel Now and WWII Movie Caps, today, in my local Target.

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