Hot Toys Reveals Dynamic Figure Stand – for Asian Market Only?

Hot Toys also recently announced a new add-on stand that will be available separately from its figures. So far I’ve only seen unofficial info that the Dynamic Figure Stand will be available at Toy Hunters and Secret Base – Hot Toys’ official retail locations in Hong Kong. The rumored price, again unofficial, puts these stands at 190 HKD, or around $24 and change for us.

I would hope a more bare bones alternative would get made for less, and I’m wondering why we haven’t seen this kind of stand for 6-inch figures. They seem like they’d be more durable than the ones we get with plastic arms and hinges, since they often become loose.

Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand

Hot Toys new Dynamic Figure Stand is specially designed for 1/6th scale collectible figures. It features a velvet covered base and includes a double sided patterned paper cover for your choice of scenario. The flexible pillar is especially ideal for showcasing figures in mid-air/flying poses.

via Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand.