Check Out Eleven Series of Predators in NECA’s Visual Guide

During the holidays, NECA posted an update to their visual guide for their long-standing Predators series of action figures – this is what eleven waves of killer plastic (or is that plastic killers?) looks like. Happy hunting!

Download the Updated Visual Guide for our Predator Action Figures! [FREE]


Thanks to plenty of dedicated fans, our line of Predator action figures continues to be a best-seller — in fact, we just released the 11th Series! As a special holiday treat for all you collectors, we’ve updated the Predator Visual Guide to include all the figures released in the last year, and made it available to download.

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2 thoughts on “Check Out Eleven Series of Predators in NECA’s Visual Guide”

  1. All, this, and no figures of Shane Black, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura or any of the other characters from Predator besides Dutch. Who wouldn’t want own a 7 inch scale goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus?

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