Hot Toys (Finally) Reveals Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hot Toys Captain America The Winter Soldier Falcon 01

Hot Toys took their time revealing the last of the four major characters from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We’ve seen a couple versions of Captain America, an updated Black Widow, and the title character, the Winter Soldier. Now, weeks after the movie’s opening, we’re finally getting a look at the Falcon. Hot Toys posted a couple of Falcon teaser shots at the end of last week, but here’s the full deal.

I think they did a bang-up job with the Ultimates-inspired costume – the wings, the military garb, and the goggles all look spot-on. I’m having a tougher time matching up Anthony Mackie with the head sculpt. It does look like him from some angles, but I think there’s something off with the shape of his forehead that’s throwing it from other angles. We’ll see if Hot Toys reworks it while it goes through production, like they have with so many other figures.

Captain America: TWS: 1/6th scale Falcon Collectible Figure

Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been topping box offices around the world since it was released in theaters! With his distinctive mechanical wings and great performance by Anthony Mackie, Falcon has left a strong impression among fans of the exciting movie! Today Hot Toys is thrilled to present the highly-anticipated 1/6th scale Falcon Collectible Figure.

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anthony Mackie as Falcon in the film and features a finely detailed costume, LED light up flight backpack, Falcon’s signature wings, weapons, and a dynamic figure stand perfect for flight poses. Fans don’t miss this opportunity to pre-order this high-flying ally of Captain America.

via Captain America: TWS: 1/6th scale Falcon Collectible Figure.