Kasual Friday Big Screen and Comic Book Superstars Preview

It’s been raining in California for days, but I can’t complain – it’s the start of the weekend and I’m opening toys. Today’s booty – a bunch of Big Screen and Comic Book Superstars from Kasual Friday. In the mix are the figures from Rocky II, III, and IV, and Ash from Army of Darkness, Robocop, and the Phantom. Our longtime pal Scott George, one of the founders of Kasual Friday, sent these over from the East Coast (where the weather hasn’t been much better). Thanks, Scott!

Now, it will take me some time to get take┬áproper pics, but this being Friday and the toys being from Kasual Friday, I felt compelled to put something up today. And, when I do have better pics, we’ll also do a Free Stuff giveaway of the Italian Stallion and Clubber Lang. One lucky winner will get the pair with Rocky in his yellow trunks, because we all know it’s more fun when Clubber wins. And yes, I know – Clubber wears the blue trunks in that fight, but as Wesley Snipes says, always bet on black. (Translation: we only have Clubber in his black trunks.)

So stay tuned for the pics and giveaway, and have a great weekend!