Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Captain America (Sam Wilson), Swordsman, and Spider-Ham

Border Patrol - Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America, Swordsman, and Spider-Ham

With Avengers: Age of Ultron opening this week, I thought an Avengers-themed Border Patrol would be in order.

  • Marvel Legends All-New Captain America (Sam Wilson) by wingsstoke: There’s no telling how long Sam Wilson will be Captain America, the role he’s had in the Marvel universe since November last year – but we’ll see who wielding the shield at the end of Secret Wars starting this May. In any case, it feels inevitable that Steve Rogers will regain the Cap mantle, just as he did from Bucky, and just as Tony Stark did when Rhodey temporarily took over as Iron Man. But for the time being, Sam Wilson as Cap has brought a breath of fresh air to the role. Ends Sunday, May 3, at 12:16PM PST.
  • Marvel Legends Swordsman by JLA: Old school Avengers fans will recognize the Swordsman from back in the Silver Age. He followed the Hawkeye mold of villain turned Avenger – their backstories were intertwined. However, he never quite made the full face turn like Hawkeye did. You never were sure if he was going to go back to his evil ways, even up to his death (spoiler!) Ends Saturday, May 2, at 8:59AM PST.
  • Spider-Ham by dvil-eri: Is Peter Porker a spider with the limitations of a pig? Or a pig with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider? I suppose it doesn’t matter – Spider-Ham is too cool to have gone so long without a figure for your Legends shelf. While this custom doesn’t quite measure up in terms of Marvel Legends articulation, this founding member of the Scavengers is about the right size to fit in with the rest of your Spider-verse figures. Ends Wednesday at 2:23PM.

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