Star Trek Action Figure Line Goes Classic

Dr. McCoy, Yeoman Rand, Captain Kirk, and Nurse ChapelShown at this past February’s American International Toy Fair, the next assortment of Star Trek action figures returns the line to its roots with the all-star cast from the immortal Star Trek original series! This new assortment, dubbed Star Trek TOS Series 5, picks up where the classic Art Asylum line left off and delivers a combination of brand new characters and updated versions of your favorite Star Trek legends.

Captain Kirk – Based on the illustrious Captain’s appearance in “The Enemy Within,” this alternate green and gold uniform is combined with an all-new Captain Kirk head-sculpt. Accessories will include a bottle of Saurian brandy, a favorite of “Evil Kirk.”

Dr. McCoy – the cantankerous Chief Medical Officer of the starship Enterprise, Dr. Leonard McCoy was seen in this short-sleeved uniform on several occasions – including the fan-favorite episode “The Tholian Web.”

Nurse Chapel – Portrayed by legendary STar Trek actress Majel Roddenberry, this marks the character’s action figure debut in the DST line. Nurse Christine Chapel originally joined the crew of the Enterprise to find her missing husband, however her dedication to duty and attraction to Mr. Spock helped keep her around for years.

Yeoman Rand – Also making her action figure debut, ambitious officer Janice Rand is included in this assortment along with her signature hairstyle. Although the sparks occasionally flew between her and Captain Kirk, their relationship remained professional and developed into a decades-long friendship.

Look for this assortment in the April issue of Previews and place your pre-order with your retailer of choice before the August release date or you’ll miss out on this stunning wave of Star Trek legends!

via Diamond Select Toys.

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