Mezco Explores the Final Frontier with One:12 Collective Spock from Star Trek

Mezco One 12 Collective Star Trek Spock

We may have just had the biggest geekgasm ever this past weekend with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening (saw it, loved it!) but this is some pretty good news to start the week. Even before a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was a Star Trek fan.

Mezco’s announcement of a Star Trek Mr. Spock figure in their One:12 Collective line is hitting all the right spots in my Neutral Zone.

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SDCC 2015: Kirk to Engineering – Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator for your Smartphone

SDCC 2015 Wand Company Star Trek Blue Tooth Communicator

It’s commonly believed that the original Motorola Flip Phone was inspired by the Star Trek Communicator. Now, we’re coming full circle, with the Star Trek Blue Tooth Communicator accessory for your smartphone. Hardcore Trekkers have been putting together their own Bluetooth-enabled Communicators by hand for years, but with this official product, you’ll be able to flip open your own Communicator to make and answer calls from Engineering (or your mom, or anyone in the galaxy), or even use it as a portable speaker for hands-free calls or listening to your favorite William Shatner spoken word album. It wirelessly charges on its magnetic stand, and it’s loaded with Star Trek Communicator sound effects and sound bites from the show.

This official replica Bluetooth device is made by the Wand Company, the good folks who make the Star Trek Phaser remote control (available to purchase at ThinkGeek and the official Star Trek site.) While I never could convince myself to pick up the remote control, because I just don’t watch enough TV, it’ll be really tough for me to resist this Communicator – I use my smartphone a lot.

The Communicator will be officially unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con and demonstrated at the ThinkGeek booth #3351, starting tomorrow at Preview Night. I’m going to stop by to check it out. For those of you who can’t wait, you can pre-order the Star Trek Blue Tooth Communicator at the official Star Trek site, and I imagine it will be listed at ThinkGeek pretty soon.

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SDCC 2015: Bif Bang Pow! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Star Trek IV Whales with Spock Exclusives

SDCC 2015 Bif Bang Pow Tina Fey Amy Poehler Star Trek IV

I thought about writing this post in the format of a Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update skit (Really!?! With Tina and Amy) and then reconsidered. It’d have started, “Really, Bif Bang Pow!?! A whale bobble-tail exclusive?” But then I realized there’s many reasons I write about action figures and not comedy.

Bif Bang Pow! revealed a pair of exclusives through Entertainment Earth. The first is a pair of 3.5-inch figures of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and their SNL: Weekend Update desk packaging. The second is a pair of whales from Star Trek IV, with bobble-tails and a swimming Mr. Speck – tiny Spock. (I know there’s comedy in there somewhere.)

If you’re not attending the big show, you can pre-order these Con-exclusives at Entertainment Earth.

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Weekend Toy Run: Entertainment Earth 4-Inch Action Figure Stands (25 for $6)

With Black Friday approaching, I’ve been getting ready for deals on action figures. So I was psyched to see that Entertainment Earth is running a pre-Black Friday sale. While I was less than enthused by the offerings in the action figure category – less than a dozen in total from Bandai (1), Bif Bang Pow! (7), DC Collectibles (2), and Jazwares (1) – something in the sale did catch my attention. They have stands for 4-inch action figures on sale – 25 stands for $6.

From time to time I get questions from readers on where to find stands. Back in the day, McFarlane sold them online, but stopped several years back. Pro Tech stands have been the de facto stand-in, but start at 44 cents a pop, although they get cheaper in big quantities. But at 24 cents a stand, the EE deal is pretty damn good; the cheapest the Pro Tech stands get are 33 cents each, but you have to buy over 500!

EE has got five color options – clear, white, tan gray, and black. These should work with all your Hasbro 4-inchers – G.I. JOEs, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones (although I don’t know many who have these) – and 4-inchers from other lines, like Playmates Star Trek figures.

Hopefully we’ll see some better deals as the week progresses, but for now, cheap stands are a decent start. Happy shopping!

Weekend Toy Run: Mimoco USB Drives are Great Stocking Stuffers

Mimoco USB Drives at

Mimoco USB drives have returned to for a sale that ends on Monday. Yeah, I know – how many of these USB drives do you actually need, what with everything moving to the cloud. But at close to half off, you may want to check out them out. After all, even if you’re not buying for yourself, they’d make great stocking stuffers for your friends and family.

Mimoco has licenses for most of the top pop culture brands, including Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, Transformers, G.I. JOE, and many more. I’m particularly fond of their versions of Admiral Ackbar, Storm Shadow, and Bruce Lee. They’ve even got a Stormtrooper that reveals Han Solo or Luke Skywalker when unmasked. Pretty cool, right?

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