Geek-lactus #1 – the latest on Marvel collectibles – is hosting a new video series – Geek-lactus presents the latest in Marvel-licensed collectibles.  In issue #1, Jesse Falcon covers current and upcoming products from Hasbro (including the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Marvel Universe Invaders Box Set), Sideshow Collectibles, Kotobukiya, and Hot Toys.

Behold, the coming of…Geek-lactus!

In the ever-expanding universe of toys, games and collectibles—keeping you updated on new releases now just got way more fun. Introducing “Geek-lactus,” the brand new monthly video series hosted by Marvel’s own Jesse Falcon.

In the premiere episode, Falcon delivers the details on Hasbro’s latest 3-¾ inch Marvel Universe Action Figure line, Sideshow Collectibles statues, Kotobukiya’s busts, Hot Toys’ super-smokin’ Iron Man designs and more!

Watch “Geek-lactus,”’s #1 source for toys and collectible news, now!


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