BBTS News: Toy Fair 2013, Transformers, DC Collectibles, NFL/NHL Sportspicks, Iron Man 3, GI Joe Retaliation, Barbie, Kotobukiya & More!

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NECA had a variety of new items to show at Toy Fair this past weekend.  These include a 1/4 Scale Superman from the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie, which was priced at $84.99.  They also announced two 1/4 Scale Batman figures at $84.99 each, one in the Adam West look from 1964 and the other in the Michael Keaton look from 1989’s “Batman”.  “Pacific Rim” will be getting a line of 7″ figures, with the first assortment containing Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead; we have them available at $53.99 for the Set of three, or $229.99 for the Case of 14 ($69 off the MSRP, breakdown currently unknown).  The Predators 7″ figure series is getting a ninth assortment, which includes Jungle Encounter Dutch, Jungle Disguise Dutch and Water Emergence Predator, like the “Pacific Rim” assortment, this one is available both as a Set of three for $53.99 and as a Case of 14 at $229.99, saving you $69 off of the MSRP.  The upcoming “Lone Ranger” film has a number of figures on the way;  1/4 Scale figures of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $84.99 each, 7″ Head Knockers of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $19.99 each, and 7″ Figures, with a Set of the Lone Ranger and Tonto at $36.99 or the Case of 8 figures (breakdown unknown) at $134.99, $35 off the MSRP.  Kitai from “After Earth” will soon be available as a 7″ Scale action figure, priced at $18.99.  The second line of 6″ figures from the KickAss series come from “KickAss 2″, and the assortment includes KickAss, Hit Girl and MF-er.  They are available as a Set of three for $53.99 or a Case of 14 at $229.99 (once again, $69 off the MSRP, with the breakdown currently unknown).  Finally, a second series of Gears of War 3.75″ figures is coming, and they are listed at $34.99 for the Set of three, or $139.99 for the Case of 14, saving you $42 off of the MSRP.  Please note – we have added a number of singles to the various menus, priced at $18.99 each for the 6″-7″ figures, and $11.99 each for the Gears of War 3.75” figures, so be sure to grab your favorites if you choose not to get the whole case or set.

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Toys for Tots Auctions –

CoolToyReview has a set of auctions for some rare toy collectibles that will directly benefit Toys for Tots. Canonball recently did a similar auction – see Turning $20.00 into $175.00 for Toys for Tots for more info on that – and it’s a great idea. Toys get into the hands of collectors who are on the hunt, and Toys for Tots (or your favorite charity) get more than the value of the actual collectible. Everyone wins!

Here’s the CTR items:

The auctions end between December 23 and 25th – click through and bid them up!

ToyFare 157 On Sale Today

At the end of last week we had a preview of what was to appear in Toyfare #157, the San Diego Comic-Con pre-show issue, and that issue is on news stands today.

I think the editorial staff at Toyfare is trying to dominate the search engine results for “WORLD PREMIERE” and “WORLD PREMIERING” – there’s going to be a lot to see in this issue, including a new 12-inch Star Wars line from Gentle Giant that I had heard nothing about before today. Cool!

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Toy Fair 2010 – Kotobukiya Marvel Pics

Kotobukiya Marvel (1024x576).jpg

These are a little out of my size and price range, but if Kotobukiya ever wants to send me some of their Marvel statues, I would make it work. 😀

They had on display statues from their upcoming ArtFX line for Iron Man 2 and Fine Arts line for Avengers and X-Men, although the mutants were 2D renderings of planned statues

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Kotobukiya and Sideshow Contribute to IGN for Haiti Charity Auctions

Kotobukiya and Sideshow are among the pop culture companies that have donated items for auction to the IGN for Haiti eBay store.

The items they’ve contributed include (among others):

There are plenty of video game, tv, and movie-related items, and all proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.

IGN for Haiti

IGN for Haiti is our small effort to help those in need. All proceeds from all auctions in this store are donated directly to Habitat for Humanity to help earthquake victims in Haiti. All items sold are subject to IGN’s terms of service, which is found at

via eBay Store – IGN for Haiti: Games, TV Movies, Comics.

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