Marvel Minimates Series 38 “Shadowland” Reveal

Iron Fist is the must-have Minimate from this series for me.

Marvel Minimates series 38 “Shadowland” 2 packs

After 37 series of Marvel Minimates, you might be wondering what is left. Well as long as Marvel is turning out hit series like the Shadowland crossover, then there will be new material for Minimates! Series 38 celebrates the Shadowland saga featuring Daredevil!

This series includes Spider-Man and Iron Fist, Elektra and the new, darker Daredevil, White Tiger and the exclusive Hand Soldier, as well as the short-packed Classic White Tiger to go with the army-building Hand Soldier.

Each Minimate stands 2.5” tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories.

These 2 packs will be in stores in April 2011. Order them through Previews or your local comics store.

via Art Asylum Blog » Marvel Minimates series 38 “Shadowland” 2 packs.

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