Hasbro Reveals Official Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Details

Star Wars The Force Awakens Black Series

Since it’s officially Force Friday on the east coast, Hasbro has released the official details on its Star Wars offerings for this Fall. I’ve been doing my best to avoid as much hype as possible for The Force Awakens – I’m trying to recapture that feeling I had when I saw the original movies as a kid, knowing nothing about what I was about to see. I know, it’s pipe dream. In any case, by avoiding the news, I’ve managed to know next to nothing about the toys coming our way. So while this may be old news to everyone else, it’s new to me! 😀

Hasbro has a ton of product coming out – I am going to limit the this post to the Star Wars Black Series line. Unsurprisingly, almost all of the regular and retailer exclusive releases are for The Force Awakens. But there is one exception.

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