2009 Hasbro Collector – Fan Media Event

Toy Fair is upon us once again, and the Nerd Herds are underway.

Tis the season…for American Toy Fair in New York City!  As we enter into an exciting year for Hasbro, we would like to extend an invitation for you to attend Hasbro’s 2009 Collector-Fan Media Day event on Saturday, February 14, 2009.  This special invite-only event allows media guests to gather invaluable information from each of Hasbro’s boys brands, engage representatives from each of the brands in a Q&A, and tour the Hasbro showroom to capture photos all the products you’ve been anxiously awaiting to see!

PIT Playset PackageHasbro has made available press images for each of their collector-based brands:

Some highlights here:

Attack on the PIT Baroness 3.75 FigureClassic 7 Pack25th Anniversary Marvel Legends Secret Wars Capt America & ClawThing Action FigureIron ManLogan Mighty MuggWolverine Classic Action Figure - Wolverine (red-yellow suit)Wolverine Classic Action Figure DeadpoolWolverine Deluxe Action Figure Weapon X with ChamberWolverine Deluxe Action Figure Sabretooth with Blob LauncherTurbo TankObi WanSoundwave (Robot)Devastator (Robot)Inferno (Robot)