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Art Asylum is running a Secret Wars Minimates fan’s choice poll between now and the end of May.  The top four picks will be released in a Toys R Us exclusive box set this fall.

Get ready for the best toy news of the year! In celebration of Marvel Comics’ 70th Anniversary, Toys R Us and Diamond Select Toys are teaming up to conduct a poll where, for the first time ever, YOU the fans will decide which new Marvel Minimates will be featured in an exclusive box set! And because this first-ever Minimates Poll needed that little something extra, all ten potential Minimates have been taken from one of the most popular Marvel events of all time – Secret Wars!

Cast your vote now!

That’s right True Believers! Beginning today and continuing until May 31st, fans will be able to visit and cast their ballots in deciding which of their favorite characters will be included in the exclusive Secret Wars Minimates box set. Spanning the twelve-issue Secret Wars, the characters listed below represent some of the most well-developed, visually-distinct and fan-favorite characters of all time – as well as some of the strangest!


Ben Grimm – Usually covered in orange rock as the Thing, the former test pilot discovers he can revert to his former self on Battleworld – but also that his fellow heroes might need the Thing more than Ben Grimm!

Beyonder – One of the most powerful beings in all of reality, the creation of Molecule Man led the Beyonder into create Battleworld and populate it with the greatest heroes and villains of the modern age!

Beyonder (Energy Form) – Even the mighty Galactus understood the true power of the Beyonder – a being so powerful it could re-write the laws of physics with a mere thought and warp reality on a whim!


Captain Marvel – Drafted into the Beyonder’s games along with several other Earth heroes, Monica Rambeau would later change her super hero moniker to Photon and Pulsar.

Captain Marvel (Energy Form) – Capable of manipulating almost limitless amounts of energy, Monica Rambeau is able to convert her entire body into an invulnerable energy form and even surviving the emptiness of space.


Dr Doom – The brilliantly evil Victor Von Doom manages to steal a portion of the Beyonder’s power and nearly conquers all of existence before being tricked into defeat once again.

Molecule Man – One of the most powerful villains most of the heroes had ever faced, Molecule Man was empowered by the Beyonder’s own energy – leaving him capable of controlling all matter and energy down to the last Molecule!


Spider-Woman – A new hero with little experience fighting evil, Julia Carpenter meets many fellow heroes for the first time during Secret Wars – including her namesake Spider-Man!

Storm – One of the most powerful X-Men, Storm sported her new punk style complete with mohawk and leather but still managed to hold her own against almost unbeatable odds.

Symbiote Bond Spider-Man – Thinking it was a costume-making machine, Spider-Man activates unknown alien technology aboard Battleworld – resulting in the birth of the symbiotic creature later known as Venom!

So make your choice and cast your ballot for the all-star Secret Wars Minimates box set, exclusively available this fall from Toys R Us and Diamond Select Toys! The top four fan selections will be included in the set, so rally your own army of heroes or villains and become a part of Marvel Comics history!


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