Mezco Announces Hellboy Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con

Mezco has added a 2009 Summer Exclusives page to its online store.  There will be three Hellboy-related customs – a two-pack set of Hellboy and a Golden Army soldier in the 3 3/4-inch scale, a deluxe movie Abe Sapien in the 18-inch scale, and a super-sized (at 6 inches) Mez-Itz of Hellboy in the comic book style.  These items will be available at San Diego Comic-Con but are also available for purchase now online.

3.75 inch Hellboy & Golden Army Soldier

Price: $30.00

Mezco’s award-winning 3.75inch Hellboy line continues with the addition of the highly anticipated Golden Army Soldier! The Golden Army Soldier stands approximately 7 inches tall (in scale next to the other figures in the 3.75inch series) and features eight points of articulation. He comes packaged with a 3.75inch Hellboy, who comes complete with a base, and his legendary sidearm, the Samaritan. Ships in Late July 2009.

Deluxe Abe Sapien 18inch Figure

Price: $70.00

Abe Sapien, the psychic humanoid amphibious paranormal investigator of Hellboy fame, gets the deluxe treatment with this super-sized figure. Standing a towering eighteen inches tall, this Abe Sapien is faithful to the design of Abe as seen in Hellboy 2:The Golden Army. Abe features fifteen points of articulation, removable goggles, and removable breathing apparatus.

Mez-Itz Comic Book Hellboy

Price: $20.00

Mezco’s beloved Mez-Itz return in a larger six inch form. These newly resized creations are the hot new item in the world of designer vinyl for 2009. Based on the artwork of Mike Mignola, this limited edition Hellboy Mez-Itz captures the essence of the comic book Hellboy from his sawed-off horns to his posable tail. Standing six inches tall, with six points of articulation, this limited edition figures comes complete with Hellboy’s legendary gun, the Samaritan. Ships in Late July 2009.