Mezco Mez-Itz Hellboy Summer Exclusive

Mezco has sent over new pictures of it’s Mez-Itz Hellboy that’s an exclusive this summer for San Diego Comic-Con and the Mezco online store. ┬áMez-Itz have grown up – at six inches Hellboy will match up nicely in both style and size with some other vinyl offerings, like Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, but will be a bit undersized when compared with Dark Horse’s eight-inch Hellboy Qee.

Mez-Itz Comic Book Hellboy

Mezco Mez-Itz Hellboy
Mezco Mez-Itz Hellboy

Mezco’s beloved Mez-Itz return in a larger six inch form. These newly resized creations are the hot new item in the world of designer vinyl for 2009. Based on the artwork of Mike Mignola, this limited edition Hellboy Mez-Itz captures the essence of the comic book Hellboy from his sawed-off horns to his posable tail. Standing six inches tall, with six points of articulation, this limited edition figures comes complete with Hellboy’s legendary gun, the Samaritan.

Hellboy Mez-It is available at as well as at the Mezco booth at SDCC in July 2009!