San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Domo Qees Contest

This blog item is in our newest comics and pop culture feature, The Blog From Another World, but I thought it deserved a repost.  I have to admit that I don’t really understand the broad appeal of urban vinyl figures, but my wife is a big fan.  With 17 blind boxed figures, we might be in for a big expenditure if she finds this.

Can’t Go to SDCC? Enter to Win an SDCC-Exclusive Domo Qee!


SDCC-Exclusive Domo QeeIf you’re skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. was lucky enough to get our hands on a limited number of the SDCC-exclusive Domo Qees that Dark Horse Deluxe is offering this year!

How can you get one? It’s simple–just pre-order a Domo 2″ Mystery Qee by July 14, and you’re automatically entered in our SDCC-Exclusive Domo Contest!

What’s a Mystery Qee? Dark Horse Deluxe has produced 17 two-inch vinyl figures in varying scarcities, and each Qee is blind-boxed. That means that instead of ordering a specific figure, you’ll have to wait and open your package to see which Domo Qee you’re getting–each order will contain a surprise inside!

My personal favorite is the wood-grained Domo Qee, but there’s one with an argyle print, one spotted with polka dots, and many other awesome variations. Each figure also contains an additional Domo part, such as an arm, leg, or body. Once you collect them all, you can create a bonus transparent Domo vinyl figure!

Our SDCC-Exclusive Domo Contest page has all of the details, so check it out and then pre-order a Domo 2″ Mystery Qee by July 14. Then come back on July 31st to see who won! Keep in mind that we only have a handful of these special SDCC Qees, so enter now!

Who’s excited about this contest? Are you a Domo fan? What’s your favorite Qee variation? Post your comments below!